How do Charging Systems in Cars Work?

How do Charging Systems in Cars Work?


How do Charging Systems in Cars Work?
How do Charging Systems in Cars Work?



Theoretically, a car battery is supposed to last for quite a few years without requiring a replacement.

But in order to achieve that shelf life, the battery shouldn’t undergo temperature changes, complete proper charging cycles, hooked up to a steady charging system, and power shouldn’t be distributed among other accessories. As is evident, these ideal circumstances aren’t possible to achieve in real life. A battery will wear down over time, even if you maintain it properly.


Facing problems with your battery?

You drove home last night and everything was fine with your vehicle, but this morning, you have a dead battery. You need to get your car going again, but how to go about it? You could finagle a jump-start from a neighbor, friend, or relative. But have you tried recharging your car battery? A great idea, but one that is not so easily accomplished! And will it work? Is the battery completely shot, or will a recharge boost it back to life and get you on the road again?


The best thing you can do when your battery goes flat suddenly is to figure out why and what shape it’s actually in. Did you leave the headlights on last night? Or an interior light? Either of those could be enough to run the battery down. Attempting a recharge will also help you know if you need a new battery.  If the battery takes the charge and you can restart your vehicle, it might not be totally dead. But if it then dies a couple of days later, it could be either a failing battery or the fault of something else in your car’s electrical system starting with the alternator, which supplies electricity to run the car and charge the battery. If the battery won’t even take a charge, it is almost definitely dead and needs to be replaced.


If you are intent on recharging your battery, you are going to need a battery charger. There are many good ones on the market. Better still, if a friend or relative has one that you can borrow, you are in luck. Of course, you can always call a mobile car battery replacement service, who can jump start the car, test the battery and replace it if required.

How does the charging system work?

First, find your vehicle’s battery and locate the positive and negative terminals. Most cars have their battery under the hood. The positive terminal is marked with a “+,” and the negative terminal is marked with a “-.” Sometimes the terminals are protected by plastic covers that need to be flipped out of the way, so you can charge the battery.


Next, make sure your battery charger is unplugged from the wall socket (it uses household current to charge the battery and that it is switched off) just to be doubly sure there is no current flowing through it. Read the instructions that come with the battery charger, as each charger operates a little differently.


Attach the charger’s red clamp to the battery’s positive terminal and the black clamp to the negative terminal. Give the clamps a little wiggle to ensure that they have a good connection to the terminals. For the greatest safety, keep the charger as far away from the battery as the cables allow.


Now plug the charger in and turn it on. Some chargers have a switch that sets it for either a motorcycle or car battery. These devices automatically shut off when the battery is fully recharged. Other chargers work differently; they may not shut off automatically but rather have gauges that let you know when the battery is charged. Many battery chargers deliver two to six amps (some allow you to choose the amperage level) and will take at least several hours to recharge a dead car battery. Read the instructions that come with the charger to be sure you are operating it correctly.


When the battery is fully charged, shut off the charger and unplug it. Then remove the cables, unhooking the negative (black) clamp first.

Tips to extend the battery life


We can’t create ideal circumstances that never affect battery life, but precautions can be undertaken to prolong shelf life and maximize performance. Here goes:


  • Use insulated sleeves to cover batteries, as it prevents them from exposure to severe temperatures.
  • Check battery terminals regularly – this is necessary to find out if corrosive deposits have formed around them. If you spot corrosion, clean it immediately or it could cause issues during cranking. Apply dielectric grease around the terminals to prevent oxidation, and put felt washers underneath.
  • Never leave headlights on as it drains battery life big time!
  • The battery has to be fixed securely under the hood. If it is loose, it will bump against engine components and lead to short circuits. A missing bracket for the battery shouldn’t be neglected.
  • Purchasing a cheap battery is a sure shot way to cut down on expenses, but it will end up costing more in the long run. Every car has a certain number of cold cranking amps for starting the engine, and using a weak battery reduces its life to half, especially when the mercury drops drastically. Refer to the owner’s manual for the amperage.


Remember, unless you know the reason your battery died (say, because you left the headlights on overnight) even though your vehicle starts and runs after you recharge the battery, something in your electrical system may be causing the problem. Expect your battery to run down again, if you haven’t figured out the real problem. If your battery soon weakens or gives out, consider removing it and calling a mobile car battery replacement service. As mentioned above, they will test the battery for you, let you know about the issue, and replace it right away. Alternatively, jump-start your vehicle and get it down to a repair shop. You either have a bad battery or an electrical-system issue – regardless, you will need the help of a technician to solve the problem.

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How do Charging Systems in Cars Work?

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How do Charging Systems in Cars Work?

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How do Charging Systems in Cars Work?

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