Honda Battery

Honda Battery Service – Can I Do it myself?

When is it too late to save money on your Honda Battery? In most cases, a Honda battery lasting up to 100 miles will be adequate. So the Honda 100-day battery warranty will cover the remaining life of your battery, so obviously there are many variables that could affect how long your Honda battery would last. This short article provides tips on extending the lifespan of your battery for free.

Honda Battery


How much would your Honda battery cost if you purchased a new one instead of an extended Honda Battery?

For many people, purchasing a new battery warranty is a bit more expensive than just getting an extended Honda Battery. You have the option of buying a high-performance battery and paying more for it, or you can buy an inexpensive replacement. If you have to purchase a replacement at first, it may be worth it to get an inexpensive replacement instead of a higher-performance model. This way you can see if you really need to purchase an extended Honda Battery.


How many times per year do you use your vehicle?

Some people only take their vehicle for occasional weekend trips or longer excursions. If you only take your vehicle on days that you plan to be away from home, then you will not need an extended Honda Battery warranty. If you are a daily commuter, however, you will want to purchase one for every 12 months or less that you take your vehicle on a trip or weekend. An example of this would be if you only drive to work on weekdays and return home on the weekends.


What is your current mileage?

This is a very important question to ask when looking for a Honda Battery for your car or truck. As mentioned above, some people will purchase an extended warranty based on their yearly mileage. Others will choose to purchase a new or a bumper-to-bumper new warranty. Of course, this also comes down to your personal situation. In general, you will save the most money by purchasing an extended Honda Battery warranty based on your yearly mileage.


Are you using your vehicle for long distance trips or shorter ones?

If you travel frequently, you will likely need to purchase a longer Honda Battery to ensure that your vehicle remains securely fastened in all places. A typical extended Honda Battery is good for up to a thousand miles or so depending on the model that you purchase. Many vehicles come with a three-year or a six-year limited warranty, which can make the purchase even more valuable.


What type of driving conditions does your vehicle typically experience?

Driving in extremely cold temperatures, extreme weather conditions, or extremely hot temperatures can cause your battery to drain much faster than normal. If you are experiencing any of these, it would be wise to purchase an extended Honda Battery. Extreme weather conditions can cause your battery to jump start only after a very long time. If you are often times in extremely hot temperatures, this will likely make your battery life last much longer. Some models do allow you to switch the batteries at different temperatures, but you may want to check and see if this is an option for your model.


What type of alternator or secondary battery have you replaced?

When replacing your Honda Battery service as part of a regular maintenance regimen for your Honda vehicle, you should first check to see if your existing alternator or secondary battery has a good lifespan. If you find that the alternator or secondary battery is starting to leak, you should replace them as soon as possible. Many people put extra strain on their vehicles during their frequent short drives. If you notice that the alternator or secondary battery is causing your car to run harder when you accelerate, you may need to replace them.


Will adding a new warranty cover for your Battery?

When adding a new warranty cover to your Honda battery, you should make sure that your original warranty covers the battery. Most people add a new battery warranty when purchasing a used Honda vehicle. Although this may save you some money initially when compared to new replacement warranties, you should find that the savings over the lifetime of the warranty is more than made up for the cost of the warranty.

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