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What to Expect When You Go to Your Local Garage A mobile auto repair or service is a series of specific maintenance procedures performed on a specific vehicle at a given point of time or after the automobile has traveled a given distance. There are many companies that offer this kind of service in Fort […]

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What Is A Mobile Car Mechanic? “I just purchased a new car, would you be interested in giving me a mobile battery change?” Said a customer today as he stood at the check-in desk at his local auto repair shop. His eyes were glued to the LCD screen, which was displaying the charge on his […]

Battery Replacement Service

Car Battery Replacement Cost Mistakes – How to Avoid High Costs! Battery Replacement is something most car owners can’t avoid. Whether you have a nine volt or fifteen volt batteries, there will come a day when the battery needs to be replaced. And when that day comes, you’ll need to find a reputable company to […]

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What Does a Car Battery Provide? No matter what type of vehicle you own, it is vital that you give special attention to maintaining your car battery. Winter weather is a very big factor in the longevity of your car battery, as well as the performance. Extreme cold may affect the battery’s capability to hold […]

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Car Battery Repair Choosing between in-house and mobile auto repair and replacements can be daunting when it comes to your car’s safety and overall operational capability. After all, most states require vehicle manufacturers to supply an auto repair center with an approved list of approved car battery manufacturers. The difference between a licensed auto repair […]

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Get an Estimate for Auto Repair (954) 826-5523 Call Today A little knowledge of your automobile can help you better understand the difference between a general auto repair shop and an auto repair center. To dramatically simplify, your automobile has two basic parts: The body, which protect the engine and everything else, and the engine […]

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Trusting Your Auto Repair Shop With the Best Mobile Mechanic Service “I just bought a car, but now I need some help with the engine. Any ideas on how I can get the engine repaired or how I can find a mobile mechanic in my area?” The car you just bought probably cost more than […]

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Brake Problems Can Be Solved By A Mobile Brake Service   Mobile Brake Service (Auto Repair Mobile) is something that many consumers in Broward County Florida are now becoming familiar with. In some cases, you may be able to have your existing battery repaired at your home and drive back to work. This allows for […]

Mobile Mechanic Service Near Me

Mobile Mechanic Services Near Me If you are a car owner in Broward County, you need to consider a Mobile Mechanic for almost any car maintenance needs that arise. The most common problems that most car owners in Broward County face include engine oil pressure, battery replacement, starter replacement, air conditioner replacement, transmission repair, and […]

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Car Battery Service For All Occasions Many of us own a car or a truck and unless it has a service history, we are at risk of using an inferior car battery. Low quality cars have a much higher failure rate and ultimately end up costing more in the long run than cheaper models. A […]