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Mobile mechanic Near

Mobile Mechanic Near Me Mobile Mechanic Near Me Every day it’s the same thing. You turn on your car, you turn off your car, go from point A to point B, then one day out of the blue your car doesn’t start. What do you do!!? Are you going to call the dealer? No! A […]

How not to get ripped off by mechanics

The Auto Repair Industry Has A Huge Problem How not to get ripped off by mechanics Dishonesty and Upselling are two of the biggest reasons why customers dread going to a dealership, or auto repair shop. How not to get ripped off by mechanics? Countless People go to a repair shop thinking that their car […]

Pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase inspection Pre-purchase inspection I know….. Buying a car can be a terrible ordeal. Which model do you get? Which make? Do you go with a brand new car? Or do you go with a used vehicle to lower the expenses. “Do I go to a large dealership, or do I go to a small […]