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Wheel Bearing Replacement

How to Diagnose a Worn Wheel Bearing Symptoms of a Worn Wheel Bearing: The steering wheel may wobble or vibrate unpredictably when driving. A faulty Wheel Bearing is a sign of a more serious problem. You should take your vehicle to a mechanic for a diagnosis. A mechanic will check your car’s components and determine […]

Mavis Tires and Brakes

AUTOTECH MOBILE MECHANIC Brake Service & Brake Repair Regular brake inspections help you to know when to service your brakes and can save you money by finding needed repairs before they become severe. What are Common Reasons to Have My Brakes Checked? There are many indicators that will help you know when it is time […]

Car Battery Service Weston Florida

Car Battery Installation Car batteries are vital and they need to be replaced regularly. If you are not replacing your auto battery when it is time, you may be setting yourself up for costly repairs or even possible stranded. A low quality battery will not serve you well. Replacing your battery regularly will extend the […]

Auto Repair

Advantages of Hiring a Reputable Autotech Mobile Mechanic                     Auto Repair shops in the Fort Lauderdale area specialize in repairs of your vehicle. Whether it is an old car or truck you need to fix or whether it is a new car you want to purchase […]

2018 Ford Mustang Recalls

2018 Ford Mustang Recalls 2018 Ford Mustang Recalls This page is set up to inform you about recalls that have been announced for your vehicle (2018 Ford Mustang Recalls) Recall #1 Wednesday, May 30th 2018 NHTSA № 18E035 OEM №  May2018 NOTIFICATION DATE  Wed May 30 2018 LAST UPDATE DATE  Fri Jul 10 2020 START […]

How not to get ripped off by mechanics

The Auto Repair Industry Has A Huge Problem How not to get ripped off by mechanics Dishonesty and Upselling are two of the biggest reasons why customers dread going to a dealership, or auto repair shop. How not to get ripped off by mechanics? Countless People go to a repair shop thinking that their car […]