Starter and Alternator Repair Shop Near Me

Starter and Alternator Repair

Alternator repair is not very difficult considering the fact that alternators themselves are not very complicated machines. You can do alternator repair yourself or easily find technicians who can fix it for you very quickly. Alternators use either the plug type or the eyelet type terminals and the construction has slightly varied over the years although it can be dealt with.

Disassembling the Alternator

Before starting to dissemble it, you need to take a look at the clock position. You would then need to separate the drive end assembly of the frame from the ring end by removing the 3 through bolts. Remove the shaft nuts and then dissemble the slip ring end frame. After removing the fasteners you can lift out individual components like the regulator and the rectifier bridge.

starter and alternator repair shop near me
starter and alternator repair shop near me


Repairing the Rectifier with a Professional Mobile Mechanic

This is one of the most common reasons for alternator repair. You need to connect an ohmmeter at low scale to the terminals of the bridge and if the readings on both sides are same, you need to replace the rectifier.

You would also want to clean out the brush holder or probably replace the brush assembly if the brushes are damaged. The slip rings too should be cleaned by spinning the rotor with the hand. You must use a find cloth to get proper cleaning done. You would need to solder the connectors and also put the brush holder back in.

Get Started with Alternator & Starter Repair Near Me

An alternator which is an A/C generator can charge better even at lower RPMs which is why they are preferred over DC generators. In a vehicle, an alternator problem could be diagnosed through some standard procedures although you must be careful as the symptoms could as well be pointing to a bad battery or bad started. By disconnecting the battery cable you can replace the alternator in a vehicle too.

When your alternator begins to stop working properly, you should find an alternator replacement service as soon as possible. Typical warning signs that your alternator will need a replacement or repair will involve your car’s electrical components. A good example, on your dashboard a warning light might appear, or your headlights will start becoming less brilliant. In some cases where the alternator starts making noise, it is possible that the alternator belt could be loose. Other times, you might smell burnt rubber and start seeping in the air vents thus signaling an issue. No matter what the diagnostics or symptoms you might be experiencing, AutoTech Mobile Mechanic will come to you. The next time you think you might be experiencing alternator issues, let us come take a look and help get you back on the road again.

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starter and alternator repair shop near me