How not to get ripped off by mechanics

The Auto Repair Industry Has A Huge Problem

How not to get ripped off by mechanics

Dishonesty and Upselling are two of the biggest reasons why customers dread going to a dealership, or auto repair shop. How not to get ripped off by mechanics?

Countless People go to a repair shop thinking that their car will need a minor repair only to find out they have been hit with a huge bill.

How can you be for sure that you really need all of this?

Most people automatically trust mechanics when they say they need a repair, because they are the experts, but how can you be certain that they are telling the truth?

I am going to list all of the steps you should take to make sure that you save tons of money on future repairs, and avoid getting taken advantage of.

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  1. Get familiar with your owners manual of your vehicle.

    • Your manual will have the services needed to maintain your vehicle properly for the first 100,000- 150,000 miles. It will list all of the important repairs that you might need, and when to do them. As long as you follow those steps, your car will be running in its best shape possible.

  2. Get to know your car personally.

    • While this sounds funny, the truth is that every single car is built completely different from previous generations, makes, and models. Every car has a different Engine Size, Miles Per Gallon, Transmission, Lug pattern, Seat capacity, etc. By knowing what your car comes with, you can definitely be sure that no one will be able to trick you into foolish repairs. If someone tries to sell you 6 spark plugs, but you know for sure that your car is a 4 cylinder car that only has 4 spark plugs, you will know immediately that they are lying to you. The biggest cause of people getting ripped off is that car owners often times know nothing about their vehicles.Brake Repair Near Me

  3. Stop falling prey to gimmick repairs!

    • Your car does not need a brake flush, or injector cleaning every month! Learn about how often your service items need to be changed. Most service items such as air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, only need to be changed every 5000-30000 miles depending on the vehicle. Learn how often you should be changing these parts out. Their is no good reason to toss out a almost new air filter just because a tech wants to make a sale.

  4. GET A SECOND OPINION!!! (How not to get ripped off by mechanics)

    • You have no idea how often people do not do this. Too often do repair shops give customers a bill, only to see them accept the bill immediately. Do not do this. It is completely wrong! The moment they hand you a bill, step outside and make a quick phone call to another repair shop. Ask them if the items suggested to you sound correct based on your mileage, or symptoms. Then ask them to give you a quick estimate of what this should cost. 9 times out of 10 they will tell you that you are being charged too much, or they will agree with the repairs. This will give you a much better feeling about getting the repairs done with the shop you are at. It will also give you the knowledge that your car needs are being met.  Davie Mobile Mechanic

  5. The Dealership does not always have you best interests in mind.

    • This is a fact! They have huge overhead to pay, employees, and many more expenses. Giving good deals, saving you time, and warrantying jobs will not pay their bills. Because of this, employees are asked to upsell on products. Even though it is morally wrong, they still do it anyway. Always read a shops reviews before going their. Read all of the bad reviews. They give insight into what went wrong a couple of times. Sometimes the customer is angry and lashes out, but most of the time it has truth behind it. Watch out for the things that you read in the reviews, because you might also see some of the signs they warned you about.

how not to get ripped off by mechanicscar battery replacement near me

Auto repair can be a bad experience when done incorrectly, but the idea behind this blog is to change that for you. Only you can prevent yourself from falling victim to scams. When auto repair is done correctly you will never overpay for a service. Your car should feel safer to drive, drive smoother, and feel almost new again after every service you do to it. We give this type of service daily to our customers, and we want to ensure everyone else gets the same treatment. By exposing bad repair tactics, hopefully people only start to do business with honest repair shop instead. Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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