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Mobile Mechanic Near Me

Mobile mechanic Near

Mobile Mechanic Near Me

Every day it’s the same thing. You turn on your car, you turn off your car, go from point A to point B, then one day out of the blue your car doesn’t start. What do you do!!? Are you going to call the dealer? No! A franchise shop? No! It would be great if you could call your own personal mechanic who came to you, did the repairs on site, and gave you a great price. Look no further, Autotech Mobile Mechanic is your one stop solution for your basic auto repair needs. Mobile mechanic Near

We focus on your automotive needs. Mobile Mechanic Near me

You come first. This is the idea upon which our mobile mechanic service is built. We believe in the idea that people should be able to go to an auto mechanic, an feel great about it. Your car is an investment, and the object your family relies on to get home. It takes you to the kids soccer, band recitals, school, work, and more. Why would you want someone working on it who isn’t going to invest their time to take care of it for you? That is what separates us from the competition. By delivering unapparelled service, we ensure that every single one of our customers feels great about the money they invest in their car.

Mobile mechanic Near Me. Our prices are transparent, fair, and unbeatable.

We make sure to stay on top of our competitor’s prices, and we strive to constantly beat them. We do not charge you for time not spent on the vehicle. Our rates are fare for the amount of time that we invest in your vehicle. The dealership charges you book time at $125 an hour or more. We cut that in half or more. Auto repair should not cost an arm and a leg.



Starter replacement Broward county area Florida
Starter replacement Broward county area Florida

We cover all of Broward County

Davie, FL


Pembroke Pines, FL

Miramar, FL

Weston, FL

Plantation, FL

Hollywood, FL

Mobile Mechanic Near Me

Brake Services

Our brake services are easy. Brake pad replacements are our specialties. We replace rotors, calipers, and brake pads. These services normally take about 30-45 min per axle. Parts and labor on brake pad replacements start at $120 parts and labor. Common brake issue symptoms are soft brake feeling, grinding noise when applying the brake, car not moving, white smoke coming from a specific tire.

Car Battery Replacement Near me

Mobile battery replacements are quick and efficient. Symptoms of a dead battery are no lights in the vehicle dash, flashing lights when trying to start the car, and several clicking noises when trying to start your vehicle. If your battery is dead we can change it out in 15 mins. We offer 3 year warranty on our gold level batteries. They come with free roadside assistance for 2 years parts and labor nationwide. We give you a 3 year warranty in Broward county.

Alternator Replacement

Your alternator is part of the car that keeps the battery charged. When this fails it will leave you stranded. We can come out to you and change it on the spot if your alternator ever fails.

Starter Replacement

Your starter is responsible for turning your engine over to create enough force to begin combustion. The car is started, the starter has completed its job. If you experience a symptom of your engine not turning over, the starter is a common cause.

Tune Ups

Spark plugs that need replacement can cause your engine to misfire. Your car will under-perform when this happens. Calling us for a quick spark plug, Ignition coil change, air filter, etc can help bring your car back to its normal self.

Key Copies (Mobile mechanic Near)

If you need a copy of your car key, or you lost your car key, we provide that as well. We provide you a copy of your key code when we are done so that you can replicate it easily if you give it to another locksmith. A metal test key to open the car door is also provided.

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Mobile Mechanic Near Me

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