Ignition Coils

Common Problems and Solutions That You Can Repair Yourself

Ignition Coils

Spark plugs and ignition coils are very important parts of a vehicle’s electrical system.

Without these parts, your car would not be able to start at all. Spark Plugs are usually made out of copper or nickel-plated steel. However, there are other types of plugs available such as nickel-silver, titanium or copper. So which one should you choose for your vehicle?


The best way to choose the right spark plugs and Ignition Coils for your vehicle is to understand why they work the way they do.

Basically, spark plugs and ignitions are designed to keep your engine’s flame moving so that it can burn fuel in order to increase the power of your engine. Without spark plugs and ignition coils your engine would not run, which would effectively mean that you would have no power. Ignition coils, on the other hand, are needed because a car’s battery produces a rather weak high voltage electricity that is simply not strong enough to ignition of the fuel in your engine.


In order to understand how spark plugs and ignitions work it is important to know what the electrical charge and voltage levels are when a car’s battery is charging.

At normal conditions, the voltage level is zero volts. This means that the amount of voltage produced by the batteries will be exactly the same as the amount of voltage produced by your vehicle’s electrical system. As you charge your batteries, however, the electrical charge will increase, which will result in a higher voltage than the amount of voltage produced by your car’s electrical system.


In order to increase the power of your vehicle, therefore, you must increase the voltage produced by your vehicle’s electrical system. The electric spark that you see on your dashboard is the result of the spark plugs and ignition coils located in your vehicle’s engine compartment. The actual process of boosting your vehicle’s voltage, then, begins when you plug in your vehicle. Your vehicle’s computer then takes over and allows its onboard computer to decide whether or not to boost the voltage of the gasoline that you are currently using.


In order to get your vehicle to properly ignite the fuel that it is burning, there are a few things that you must do.

First, as you add fuel to your vehicle, you must add an oil cap so that the spark and the heat of the oil are prevented from escaping. Also, when you first put fuel in your car, you should add lighter fluid so that the fuel that you are putting into the fuel mixture is burned more completely. This is done when you ignite your fuel. Without these things, you can expect for the spark plugs and invitations to go out, which will decrease the power of the flames they produce and diminish the overall efficiency with which your vehicle burns fuel.


Ignition Coils – Bad ignition coils can dramatically reduce the amount of energy that your vehicle exhaust produces.

This means that you will have to work much harder to increase your gas mileage. A vehicle that has a bad ignition coil is like a car that won’t start at all! The fuel won’t burn very well, and the engine will never reach it red bottom before completely giving up. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to prevent having this happen to you. You need to make sure that you do not install the ignition coils until you have checked the make and model of your vehicle carefully.


Spark Plugs – If you notice that the spark plugs on your car or truck are smoking or burning improperly, then you may have a bad distributor.

Bad distributors often have poor design, so it is very important that you replace your spark plugs with ones that are made by the proper company. You can do this by visiting your local auto parts dealer or checking online. Once you have found the correct distributor, you will then need to replace your ignition coils with new ones, as well as your distributor cap.


Ignition Coil Packs – Your vehicle’s electrical system is powered by an ignitor that is connected to the carburetor and ignition coils. If either one of these coils develops a voltage problem that is noticeable, it can significantly reduce the amount of power that your vehicle receives. This means that even the smallest amount of voltage problem can mean that you will not be able to get your car going. To solve the problem, you need to first replace the bad distributor, and then replace the spark plugs. This will ensure that you receive full power, even if only a small amount of voltage is missing from the carburetor or ignition coils.

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