Tow Truck Near Me

Tow Truck – When You Need a Tow Truck


The Tow Truck is a wonderful invention, allowing someone with a flat tire to easily pull their car to the side of the road.

If you are in need of roadside assistance in Broward County, contact the same company that provides mobile towing services. With near-mobile service, you’ll get to your place within minutes, sometimes, within hours. There is no need to call another company, and no need to worry about whether you can make it to your home or business before your car is fixed.

Tow Truck Near Me


The Tow Truck in Broward County offers mobile towing from their on-site center or at any one of their three satellite locations.

These businesses are all owned by the same company, so no driving between companies. This means no waiting for a towing company to arrive and no dropped off cars on the side of the road. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these Tow trucks are ready and waiting.


In fact, most Tow Truck drivers actually own their company. Tow Truck Near Me

This helps to assure you that the workers are well-trained, and the vehicles are always maintained. All Tow Truck drivers are required to take a basic class on basic roadside assistance, and then go on to learn about additional specialty courses offered by the company, such as automotive rescue, automotive accident recovery, or even just flat tires. This helps prevent the driver from becoming stranded on the side of the road while being towed away. It also ensures that the driver will have the knowledge to help other people if needed.


To make sure that everyone gets out of harm’s way, the Tow Truck provides a spare tire with a jack that can be removed for easier access. Tow Truck Near Me

A pop-up trunk and tool kit are available for use when changing a tire. Tow Truck drivers also know how to use these tools to change the tire and pop up the trunk. Their training helps them know where things are located in the vehicle and how to get to them quickly to avoid getting stuck. They are also trained to use the radio to call for help if something goes wrong.


Another service that Tow Truck Drivers offer is pet transportation. Tow Truck Near Me

This service usually takes place on a daily basis, although there are some instances where it is possible to make an exception. Some services include cats, dogs, and even birds. If you have a large exotic pet, you should call ahead to find out what services are available near you. Some companies offer a discount if the pet is transported via truck.


Tow Truck drivers know how to handle most any situation that arises on the road.

They can help stop vehicular accidents that have involved injuries or damage to property. They can also help pull stranded motorists off the side of the road. Tow Truck drivers are also familiar with emergency roadside assistance, so they can provide this service to their clients.


Tow Truck drivers are not licensed to drive on streets, but they do know how to use a parking brake and tow a car legally. If they encounter a motorist that is driving erratically or they just don’t know how to stop, they can call for roadside assistance. Tow Truck drivers are trained to give out first aid, and can help people with all kinds of motor vehicle problems. One of the most common injuries is a flat tire, and they can change it for people.


If you find yourself in need of towing services, there are many companies in your area that specialize in providing this service.

For information on what kind of prices you will be charged, read the fine print of any company you are considering. You may find that they offer free quotes, so take advantage of these. A professional Tow Truck Driver can help you with any of your needs, so contact one today.

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