Roadside Assistance and Jump Start

Roadside Assistance and Battery Jump Start

Roadside Assistance

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned driver or just beginning to drive, Roadside Assistance is a great benefit to be added to your car.

However, having Roadside Assistance could also mean added expenses. Many drivers aren’t even sure what Roadside Assistance is. In this article we’ll answer the question “What is Roadside Assistance?” and provide some guidelines to help you decide when and how to use Roadside Assistance. Roadside Assistance and Battery Jump Start


Roadside Assistance consists of three elements – tow trucks, tow cars and cell phone center. Roadside Assistance and Jump Start

(Many counties have multiple departments responsible for providing this service, so check with your local government to determine what services are provided by your agency.) “We offer 24 hour roadside assistance. We offer tire changes, cell phone service, automatic fuel delivery or towing in the Broward County area. We service all major metropolitan areas. To get an estimate on our services, call now.”


A representative from the company will come to your location to assess your vehicle, look it over and determine how best to provide Roadside Assistance.

For example, some roads may be off limits because of wildlife or road construction, making tire jumps mandatory. If the problem was due to an animal, Roadside Assistance personnel would know to look for an animal that might be stuck in the road, such as a squirrel, a rabbit or raccoon. If the problem were a flat tire, the representative would know how to jump through the tire of a slow moving vehicle. If it was something major, the representative may suggest towing your vehicle to the nearest gas station or towing company.


In Fort Lauderdale, there is a place for people to call for help if they need it, especially in cases of emergencies. In Pompano, just north of Miami, there is an emergency roadside assistance station for drivers and passengers. The Pompano Beach Florida Highway is also equipped with a Tire Jumping Post for those motorists who have flat tires or run out of fuel on I-75.


At Broward County public works department, there is an emergency roadside assistance vehicle that responds to calls for assistance 24 hours a day.

.The Highway assistance team consists of two emergency vehicles and one tow truck. The first tow truck is located in the parking lot of the Broward County Public Works Administration building at 11th Street. The second tow truck is parked in front of the Public Works Administration building at Broward County Central Park. You can call either number for tire changing or battery jump start assistance. When you call, the operators at either location will give directions to your nearest location.


If you are stranded on a remote road, such as a state highway or national forest, where cell phone reception is not working or where cell towers are damaged, you may be able to receive emergency cell phone service from a local towing company. For battery jump start service, there are several garages that provide this service along the famed Lauderdale and spider island national forests in Florida. These garages also have mechanics on duty that can assist customers that may experience a flat tire or other mechanical problems.


There is no question that roadside assistance and battery jump start assistance can make your life easier. Roadside Assistance and Jump Start

However, if you have a problem with your car that cannot be fixed on your own, such as a flat tire or an oil leak, you will want to contact roadside assistance first. Towing services usually charge a fee for this type of assistance, but many offer a warranty on their work and the guarantee may cover other damage to the vehicle, including theft or fire. Before taking your automobile to a towing service, you may want to take a few minutes to learn about the batteries that power the lights in your car and the different types of switches and controls in your automobile.


The knowledge you gain about automobile batteries and their functions could prevent a flat tire or the failure of an air filter. It could save you a few bucks at the pump, if you change the fluid or find that the thermostat is broken. You never know when roadside assistance will be needed, but when you are stranded on the side of the road in your vehicle, it is comforting to know that someone is at your side in a few seconds. In the meantime, you can enjoy your car, while the towing service waits for help to arrive. Contact a roadside assistance service today and get relief from an upcoming emergency.



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