Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads can be one of the best brake repair options for homeowners and drivers in Broward County Florida. The reasons vary depending on the situation, but generally include the following: they require less maintenance than other brake repair materials, they are lightweight, and they are available in a large selection of styles, colors, and textures. In fact, they can often be installed without the help of professionals, saving you both time and money. There are two types of ceramic brake pads available – ceramic-metal core and plastic core. These terms refer to the composition of the brake lining material. Ceramic Brake Pads


Cushioned brake pads decrease both noise and heat transfer during application and braking. This reduces stress on the rotors and supports the rubber belt. Because brake pads reduce heat transfer and noise transfer, they are recommended for use on cars with high mileage. They are quieter than other forms of brake linings. Standard performance brake plates can cause some car problems if they are worn or cracked, but they are rarely heard when cars are evaluated for noise compliance.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Brake pads made from ceramic material do not form hot patches on a car’s surface when they are worn, they just melt a bit. Heat cannot seep through a plastic layer, so ceramic brake pads wear at a much slower rate than traditional metal-filled brake pads. They are also a little quieter, which may be an important factor in some situations. Standard performance vehicle brakes and rotors will not always work with ceramic brake pads.

Ceramic Brake Pads
Ceramic Brake Pads

In many cold climates, the temperature can drop extremely cold during the winter months, sometimes as low as minus fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Brake pads made from ceramic material will still perform well and provide consistent performance under these conditions. Even when temperatures rise to temperatures that would make traditional metal-filled pads freeze, ceramic brake pads will still work.

Ceramic Brake Pads

If you live in an area that has very cold winters, but the summers are hot and dry, consider adding some organic pads to your vehicle’s maintenance plan. These pads work best when used in cool, dry, driving conditions. They are most effective when used with premium organic products that have a high water solubility index, such as Shasta Pure Organic Oil. You will probably find that these types of driving conditions are very rare in your area, unless you live in a desert.


You may think that purchasing organic products for your vehicle is more expensive than purchasing standard products. The truth is that organic products are less expensive than traditional metallic materials. When it comes to brake pads, the amount you pay is comparable to what you would pay for an extra brake pad, but with better material. For this reason, many people who purchase semi-metallic products prefer to use organic components.


Although they cost a little more up front, you will save on both fuel and maintenance in the long run. A  brake pads system will save you money in the long run because you will notice that your brakes have fewer problems. Standard metal friction brakes will eventually need replacement if they are not maintained correctly. Your brakes will also show signs of wear faster than with ceramic brakes because the ceramic brake pads reduce heat buildup.


Ceramic brakes will also reduce noise compared to standard metal friction pads. Standard metal friction pads cause noise because they use too much rubber material. When you increase the amount of rubber in the pads, you will hear less noise. Both of these factors will help to keep your vehicle quieter when driving on busy roads. Because they reduce noise, you may find it is worth the cost to purchase brake pads. The additional cost of organic components will soon be forgotten as your vehicle idles smoothly and idles quieter than ever before.

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