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Troubleshooting Common Problems With an Auto Battery

A car battery or auto battery is a recharged rechargeable battery, which is used to begin a car’s motor. Its purpose is basically to supply an electrical charge to the engine which in turn begins the internal combustion engine, which in turn drives the car. In most cars, the battery pack serves as the store and reserve for the accumulated energy for when the car is switched off. It is however prone to discharging or leaking which results in a low level of power. This is what needs to be done to get the battery powered up again. Battery Service

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If you are wondering how this can be done, it’s quite simple. There are basically two components that make up the battery of your vehicle. These are the battery pack and the electrical components. If your vehicle’s battery pack, you will find the primary electrical component which is the battery cell. It contains chemicals which are charged up and ready to be used by the car battery itself. The second component is the terminal strip or terminal contacts, which allows for the chemical reactions which will actually power up the individual cells within the pack.

Battery Service

As mentioned earlier, in order for a vehicle to run effectively and efficiently, its electrical system must be in top shape. As the engine runs, the electrical charge generated by the alternator and battery packs is transmitted through the wires which are attached to the battery itself. If any of these wires were to become disconnected from the battery pack, the electrical system would stop and the vehicle would not run at all. The only way to remedy this problem is for the car owner to take their vehicle to a local mechanic who will perform a quick check to see if there is a dead battery within the system.

Battery Service

When the mechanic does his check, he will most likely find that the alternator or battery cable needs to be replaced. In addition to this, the electrical system of the car may also need to be repaired due to excessive voltage levels within it. This problem can usually be fixed with the addition of a surge protector. However, if the actual battery is not damaged, you may find that your car battery may be needing a virtual battery tester.


A virtual battery tester is a small hand held device which is designed to test the actual voltage and electric current of your car battery. These devices are very affordable and are widely available online. They are easy to use and are completely safe to use. What makes these devices so unique is that they are able to determine the right amount of voltage and current that are needed for your vehicle to work properly. They are incredibly accurate as well and can sometimes detect a full charge in a car battery, which is beyond the range of your vehicle’s charge controller.


A good battery is designed to store chemical energy which is in charge until such time as it is needed by the vehicle for function. This stored chemical energy is then converted into electrical energy through a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction causes the chemical energy to become extremely large amounts of energy. If the chemical reaction is prevented, the battery will gradually lose all of its stored chemical energy, ultimately resulting in your vehicle not having enough energy to power itself and function properly. The key to preventing this from happening is to correctly maintain your battery throughout its life.


A common reason why your vehicle may start to display a “check engine light” signal is when your battery power is low. This can usually be corrected quickly and easily by doing a few simple things. One thing that you can do is crank up the engine a bit so that more air flows into the combustion chamber. Another thing that you can do is to add more compression to the exhaust system, both to improve gas mileage and to assist the engine to crank faster.


There are many different types of automotive batteries and each has its own particular characteristics. Most automotive batteries are lead-acid based, while some are lithium ion based. Li-ion batteries are the most popular type of car battery due to their ability to take and release a great amount of force without any negative effects on the battery. It is the lithium ion car batteries which are the safest to use and are capable of storing large amounts of energy, allowing them to power a significant amount of time before the car needs to be recharged.

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