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What is a car battery? A car battery or auto battery is a rechargeable, removable battery, usually manufactured from sodium metal, polysulfide, lithium copper metal, nickel titanium, or lithium iron. Its primary function is to deliver an electrical charge to the power generating engine of the automobile, which in turn ignites the chemically-driven internal combustion engine which actually drives the vehicle. Car batteries are made to run for a very long time but at times it becomes unstable and may even catch on fire. This is when an auto repair specialist should be called in. Battery Replacement Fort Lauderdale


How many times should a car battery be charged? Car batteries should be charged as needed to maintain optimum battery life. There are some electrical components inside the battery that require a periodic recharging, such as the terminal contacts, terminals, relays, and others. The amount of the charge varies according to different types of batteries and its use, such as the size and weight of the battery, its intended use, and the climate where the battery will be kept.


What is a chemical reaction? A chemical reaction is a process in which chemical energy is changed into other forms of energy. A chemical reaction occurs when one type of energy comes in contact with another kind of energy. For example, water can be converted into hydrogen and oxygen through a chemical reaction. In a battery, chemical reactions happen when there is an increase in voltage across an electrical circuit.

Battery Replacement Fort Lauderdale


How is a dead battery discovered? Dead batteries are often discovered in a car’s electrical system. An improperly wired electrical system can easily cause a dead battery to develop leaks. The battery may not leak until it becomes too hot. Overheating will cause the battery to release gas, thus releasing the stored chemical energy.

Battery Replacement Fort Lauderdale


What should you do if your battery doesn’t start? If your vehicle battery is smoking or “burnt-out”, it may need to be repaired. First, turn off the engine and remove the key. Then take out the battery. Clean off any debris that may be on the battery. Place the battery in a pan filled with warm water and place it on the burner until the water has completely evaporated. Battery Replacement Fort Lauderdale


Why would a weak battery need a battery case? A cracked or worn-out case can prevent the battery from receiving proper maintenance. A weak battery may need a battery case to protect it from the elements, such as rain, snow, and excessive heat. If you’re storing a car batteries for a long period of time, you may need a case as well to keep it out of the weather and prevent it from developing rust.


How can you maintain your battery? Properly maintaining your battery ensures that it keeps producing chemical energy, as it did when it was new. Overcharging and undercharging a battery can cause chemical energy to escape, which will reduce its ability to produce electrical energy. Ensuring that the correct amount of charge is present in the battery power supply ensures that the battery can continue to work properly.


Why would a vehicle have a battery life Tester? A vehicle’s battery will run down over time and can fail after a period of time. You can tell if your vehicle’s battery needs recharging by looking at the voltage level of the battery and by listening for a whining sound. You can purchase an inexpensive device called a virtual battery tester to test your vehicle’s batteries. Most vehicle batteries have this type of tester built in, and you can simply connect the two wire pads and listen for the sound of charging.

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