Car Battery Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

An auto battery or car battery, more commonly known as an automobile battery, is a recharged rechargeable internal combustion engine battery, which when in operation, produces an electrical current to power the engine. The primary power source of the battery is an electrical motor which is a DC motor. The secondary power source is a generator such as a General Electric or Industrial High Voltage Power Generator. The battery has the capability to store electrical energy so that when the electrical current is required, it can be produced from the battery. Mobile Battery Service

Mobile Battery Service
Mobile Battery Service


Automobile batteries are designed to be recharged under specific operating conditions and usage requirements to allow the use of the battery as per the requirement and in conjunction with the car battery system. Under normal driving habits, a normal (typical) car battery can support a charge of about 500 hours. This is enough for general usage and highway driving. However, under extreme driving habits and erratic usage, the battery may experience some problems like flat battery, dead battery, memory effect, trip hazards, and trickle charge. Mobile Battery Service

Mobile Battery Service

A flat battery, also known as a dead battery, will not accept electrical charge and is essentially useless for any purpose. This is because the chemical reaction causing the battery power is unable to sustain itself and hence the chemical reaction gives way. In the same manner, a dead car battery also does not respond to a voltage spike and hence cannot be charged. These batteries generally have to be replaced with new ones. Mobile Battery Service


Along with the above-mentioned characteristics, a charging system for car batteries needs to maintain a certain fluid level. The fluid level in the system should not be allowed to get below the specific levels mentioned in the user manual. Fluid level problems in the system may lead to the malfunctioning of the battery. A car battery case should be checked regularly for these fluid levels. If the case is found to be leaking, it should be refilled or replaced immediately.

Mobile Battery Service

Starting the engine of your vehicle requires pulling the plug first. When the engine starts, the electrical energy is routed from the starter motor to the alternator. The alternator is responsible for creating the magnetic field required for the car battery to accept electrical energy. If the starter is not present, or if it is defective, the electrical energy will not get routed to the battery and it will die. This is why it is important to check the status of the starter or the alternator regularly.


If the electrical system in your vehicle is old and faulty, it will start with a strong startup but will soon give way to higher-voltagevoltage spikes. When this happens, the battery will start functioning again but will not hold its charge for long. A dead battery can lead to a ruined day.


High voltage and high current electrical systems produce very high potential of damage to car batteries. High voltage often comes about when there is a fault in the connections between the terminals. The two common failures are the breakage of the sulphuric acid trip inducing terminal and the hot terminal. Hot terminals often develop because there is an over hot sulphuric acid converter. As sulphuric acid tries to join with the hot terminals, it creates heat and causes the converter to expand. When this happens, some of the components get damaged and the entire system will fail.


To protect against high voltage, many owners install a battery isolator. It is an inexpensive device that can protect the electrical system from damage. A simple isolator consists of a pair of insulated conductors and a switch or a ground conductor. These isolators allow only certain electrical currents to pass through them. They may need to be upgraded periodically, so it is important that you buy the latest unit.

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