Mobile Battery Replacement 

car battery replacement near me

Mobile Battery Replacement

Not many people realize that on average, your battery needs replacing once every four years. Your  battery begins to disintegrate after a certain amount of time, so, if you do not get your battery  regularly replaced, one day your battery will die. Everybody has experienced that feeling of  frustration when you try to turn your car on just to realize that your battery is dead.  Mobile Battery Replacement


A car battery can die because of many different reasons. Leaving on interior lights or the radio, not  starting your car for a long period, using the air conditioner when the car is not running, a low air  temperature, or lack of car maintenance may all be causes of a dead battery.  


Your car battery may even be so damaged that it does not turn on from a jump start

. This is  because the battery is not in good enough shape to hold a charge, as the plates inside the battery  have disintegrated. When this occurs again and again over a long period, the capability of the cell  is degraded, and your battery will not be able to turn on. 

Some people have jumper cables in their car, but if you do not then you have very limited options  of what to do next. Additionally, there may not be a friendly stranger around to help you jump start  your car. So you must ask yourself – what next? 

car battery replacement near me


That’s what the team at Autotech Mobile Mechanic is here for! 

Autotech Mobile Mechanic offer mobile battery replacement services, so they can come to your  home or work and replace your dead battery with a new one right then and there. You should not  have to waste time organizing tow trucks or walking to a garage just to get your battery replaced.  

Autotech Mobile Mechanic are the best battery delivery service in Broward County. Not only do  they deliver batteries, but they install them as well. Their technicians have a lot of mechanical  experience, and their customer service agents are empathetic and caring, so the service you will  get is like no other.  

Thousands of car owners in Broward County choose Autotech Mobile Mechanic for their battery  replacement needs. If you choose this highly regarded company, you will not have to worry and  stress about the quality of their work, as they guarantee the best possible service available.  


Mobile Car Battery Replacement


Replacing a battery is a complex and intricate process, and unless done by a highly trained  professional you may be facing further issues down the line.

A bad mechanic could risk putting the  wrong type of battery in your car, or a battery that is too big or too small, and when that happens it  can cause overheating which can further damage your car’s engine.  

Hiring Autotech Mobile Mechanic means you do not have to worry about these issues. When your  car dies, you do not want to have to worry about further issues or breakdowns down the line. It is  already a stressful experience, so having a good mechanic who knows what they are doing is  paramount for both you and the wellbeing of your car.  

There is a fatal amount of electricity involved when replacing a car battery, so the mechanic who is  carrying out the service has to abide by a lot of safety precautions. Our mechanics are not afraid of  getting their hands dirty and have been extensively trained in how to safely carry out all vehicle  maintenance.  

This includes things that many other mechanics do not think of, such as protecting the battery from  any water, including rainwater, that may be extremely dangerous to both you and the mechanic.  They will ensure that the car ignition has turned off, to prevent any electricity from passing through  the vehicle, and instruct you to keep the car keys in your pocket at all times to prevent the engine  from being turned on by somebody else. 


We will also make sure that your old battery is disposed of as safely as possible, at the nearest  recycling center.

Not disposing of your battery safely can be a huge hazard, and it can also be  extremely environmentally damaging, as well as a risk to anyone or anything that comes across it.  

The best advantage of booking our mechanics is the lack of travel for you as the customer. Our  mobile service makes it so much easier for you, and our customers love not having to travel to a  garage or mechanic shop for their battery replacement.  

Our mechanics are well educated, and they know exactly what you and your car need every stop  of the way. They will explain to you extensively what your car needs and the steps they are taking  without adding unnecessary details or extras that may be confusing. Our clients love having  someone telling them exactly what they need, and the simple, straightforward nature of our  mechanics. 

You can book your car battery fitting either at home or at work, or even when you are out and  about. We fit the majority of our replacement batteries on the same day, and will even come and  test your battery’s health to make sure it does not need replacing.  


Car Battery Replacement Near Me


Our batteries all come with a 3-year warranty, including parts and labor, with TechNet, which  warranties all our batteries over the United States.

Their warranty covers you nationwide, which  takes the pressure off of your shoulders when you are planning a trip or travelling cross-country.  This will ensure that you get help when you need it the most.  

TechNet’s code of ethics not only guarantee that your battery will be covered when you need it  most, but it also ensures that Autotech Mobile Mechanic provides mechanics of an extremely high  standard. All staff is proven to be qualified, properly equipped, and provided with ongoing training,  and also act with professionalism, honesty, and integrity at all times.  

Autotech Mobile Mechanic guarantees that they will respect their customers time and property, as  well as clearly and honestly explain all maintenance and repair services that are carried out on  your vehicle. They focus on honesty and transparency in auto-repair and consider trust as the most  important thing when it comes to customers.  

Autotech also offers extremely fair prices, as they believe that customers should never be ripped  off for their auto repair services. They offer batteries starting at $134.99, depending on what  battery your vehicle may require.  

If you are unsure if you need to replace your battery, there are a few things that you should keep  your eye out for.  


If your engine is slow starting, it may be because your battery has begun to wear out and become  less effective.

This will make the battery have to work harder to create a charge, meaning you will  be waiting a few extra seconds for the car to turn over. This is one of the easiest ways to figure out  your car battery is degrading, as over time you become used to the typical noise and feel of your  engine when it is working properly.  

Another thing to be aware of is dim lights and electrical issues when your battery begins to lose  effectiveness. If your lights, or even your radio, are malfunctioning, then it is a good idea to call up  Autotech Mobile Mechanic to check out your battery, or maybe even order a new one. You should  also be aware of how much of your car batteries electricity you are using, as charging your phone,  keeping the lights on, or playing the radio a lot can all drain your battery.  


Another obvious indication that your battery is drained or damaged is the check engine light is on.

  If your check engine light is on, you should be taking your car to the mechanic as soon as possible.  However, the check engine light is often triggered by issues surrounding your battery, so it should  be the first thing you check when your car indicates something is wrong. 

Something that many people do not realize can indicate a damaged battery is a bad smell.  Damage to the battery or an internal short can cause the battery to leak gas, which smells like  rotten eggs. If you smell this when you open the hood or are in your car, then you should get your  battery checked as soon as possible, as it may indicate some extensive damage!  

Additionally, another extremely serious indicator of something being wrong is white and ashy  substances on your battery. This means that something is corroding, most commonly the terminals  on top of the battery. This can cause electrical issues, and make it more difficult to start your  vehicle.  


For any battery issues, make sure to call Autotech Mobile Mechanic to aid your auto repair needs. 

Their service is the best in the Broward County area, as they will get to you quickly, and they will  get the job done right. 

Car Battery Replacement Near Me

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