How to pick the right mechanic when looking for auto repair


How to pick the right mechanic

Machines, no matter how reliable, break down one day or another.

Once that happens, it is your responsibility to get them fixed or find a replacement. Cars, for example, are machines that require maintenance checks every few months to ensure reliability, and it is the job of a mechanic to make sure that your car returns home in perfect running condition. However, there are so many mechanics out there, each one claiming to be the best in their business, that it becomes hard to select the right one. It is not easy trusting a mechanic as well, since many will scam you into paying a lot of money for a repair that isn’t necessary. Therefore, you have to be careful with the selection and trust your research. How to pick the right mechanic? 

How to pick the right mechanic

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to choose the right mechanic for auto repair? We are here to help you out with that. Here we will talk about the things you should look for in an auto mechanic.  

Find a specialized workshop 

If you want the best mechanic for your car, you should search for a dedicated workshop where they specialize in fixing a specific brand of vehicles. Many mechanics focus on one brand or type of car, which allows them to be experts. You can trust such a mechanic with your automobile since they practically spend their entire day inspecting and repairing the same set of parts. 

Ask your friends and family 

It is always a good idea to take advice from your peers. If they have a similar car or the same brand of vehicle, you can save time and money by going to a tried and tested mechanic. You won’t have to find a new one all by yourself and risk going to an unprofessional individual. If your trusted friend or a family member has recommended a garage, you can take your car there without thinking twice. 

Search Online 

Nowadays, websites like car forums are a blessing. Dedicated sites and forums can provide very useful information about a certain fault and guide you towards the best person who can fix that problem. The people on forums are actual individuals who own the same vehicle as yours, meaning you will get the exact solution for your car issues. 

Check Certification 

You need to make sure that the mechanic you are visiting is a certified professional. It is not wise to trust someone who is not certified by a designated authority. In the United States of America, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a professional certification authority that legitimizes mechanics. Therefore, if your mechanic does not have an ASE certification, you should not give your vehicle to them for repairs. 

Check the shop with a small repair 

If you are not sure about a particular garage, you should first try it out with a small repair. It is just a precautionary measure before you put in the big bucks for detailed service. Go in for a tire rotation or an oil change to test their mettle. If you are satisfied with the work, you can come in for a much larger repair next time. 

Convenient Location 

It’s not every day that you go to visit an auto mechanic, but you still want the garage to be near to your home or workplace. The last thing you want is to give your automobile to a far-off place, which you can’t easily reach. Yes, that other workshop must have good reviews, but if you are required to visit it frequently, the deal doesn’t work. 

Check the Better Business Bureau 

The good news is, you can check the service etiquette of a mechanic workshop sing the Better Business Bureau website. Visit and see if the mechanic you are trusting with your car has an ideal rating or not. The BBB review will give you a good idea about the workshop and save you from getting scammed. 

Talk to the mechanic 

Nothing beats one-on-one human interaction, and with mechanics, you should do the same. Go to their shop and talk to them in detail about the work you want done in your vehicle. Test their knowledge against yours and try to ask them about the details of their work.

You can ask about the amount of time they have spent in the business and if they have an ASE certification or not, etc. Questions like these can give you a clear idea of what to expect from the garage. Even when you are satisfied, you should ask around a bit more before sending your car for repair. 

Request a free estimate 

Most mechanics will give you a free estimate of the repair costs you will incur. They will inspect the vehicle and give you a ballpark figure, using which you can decide to go through with the repair or wait for later. Not every garage has such a service so getting a free estimate speaks volumes of the mechanic’s trust in their work and their commitment to providing the best service to a customer. 

Look for a mobile mechanic 

The 21st century is all about convenience, and that is true for the auto industry as well. Nowadays, if you cannot go to the garage, the mechanic will come to you. Yes, a mobile mechanic is a thing, and although the concept has not earned the popularity it deserves, the progress is promising. Mobile mechanics bring all their tools with them and fix your vehicle at your home. You don’t have to drive to a workshop or hire a taxi afterward to go home. The trip alone can be excruciating, which is why the mobile mechanic is the best solution for busy individuals. 

Furthermore, your car does not get stuck at the workshop when you are unable to check-up on it. Mobile mechanics are expensive, but they are very convenient. 

Verdict  (How to pick the right mechanic)

A visit to the auto mechanic shouldn’t be a cause of worry or despair, and neither should it be an inconvenience. We are living in the modern world where practicality and convenience are attractive traits for a mechanic. No one wants to wait in a queue, and no one likes to get their car stuck in an auto repair. It works best for everyone that the repair job is done in the smoothest way possible. The only to ensure that happens is that you do your research beforehand. Knowledge is power, and that is true in the case of finding the right mechanic. You have the internet at your disposal, and the experience of your peers to guide you on the correct path. 

If you are satisfied with your vetting process, you can proceed with your selection and give your vehicle to the garage. However, if there is even a sliver of doubt in your mind about the authenticity or reliability of an auto mechanic, you should look for an alternative. In most cases, a mobile mechanic works best. The business model is convenient and time-saving. It is heavy on the pockets, but nothing is better than the satisfaction of seeing your vehicle getting repaired in front of your eyes and in record time.   


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How to pick the right mechanic

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How to pick the right mechanic

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How to pick the right mechanic

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How to pick the right mechanic