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“I have had my Davie FL brakes repaired twice, once by a local company, and once by a service vehicle from Florida Auto Repair. The former was much quicker than the latter, while costing less.” – Steve S., West Palm Beach. Davie Florida Mechanic


“Davie is a great place for any auto repair needs. The friendly service staff was helpful and gave detailed explanations of their services as well as recommendations for other services they offer. Also, there Brake Pads seems to last a lot longer than those from other companies.” – Debra B., West Palm Beach, Florida “I got some brake pads replaced at Davie. It was a pleasant surprise to me that they were as good as new, and I got compliments from everyone, from the guy who bought them to the person who installed them. The price was reasonable, and the customer service was excellent.”


“I take my car in to the car wash in West Palm Beach every now and then, and every time I do, I am impressed with the workmanship and quality of the repairs. It always amazes me how good some mobile auto repair shops are, even when it comes to brake pads. I guess it depends on the area they are in, and I’m not going to hold it against anyone of these places, as I have been that good with several of them.” – Jim C., West Palm Beach, Florida “I was extremely pleased with both the cost and the workmanship when I took my car in for brake repair. It was definitely more cost effective than having the brake pads replaced at the shop, but it was exactly what I needed.”


“I purchased a new car several months ago and was eager to find a place to repair my starter. My first visit to a mobile mechanic near West Palm Beach turned out to be a very successful experience. The man who did the job gave me a free estimate, and even came to do the final testing of the starter. Everything looked OK, so I was ready to go “- Karen F., West Palm Beach” I recently took my car in for starter replacement and was very pleased with the service. I was able to get it going again in no time at all.”


“I recently took my vehicle in to the local Davie mobile auto repair shop for a routine maintenance checkup and was impressed with the level of service. The staff was knowledgeable and cordial, and were able to take care of my vehicle in a timely manner. They were also kind enough to leave a business card with a reference number, so I could contact them if necessary.” – Debra L., Winter Springs “I recently took my car into a reputable auto shop near Winter Springs for a routine maintenance checkup. The workers were prompt, knowledgeable, professional, and very helpful. They were friendly and treated me like a customer.”


“I recently took my car to a mobile auto repair shop for a scheduled service. While I was there, I talked to three different mobile mechanics. Three different mechanics offered their opinions on my car. All three of the mechanics were very knowledgeable and seemed like great guys. One mechanic even offered to come out and take a look at my car on my behalf, which I thought was very nice of him. Davie Florida Mechanic


“I recently took my car to the local Davie, Florida garage for a regular maintenance checkup. I was very pleased with the work done on my vehicle. The technicians were courteous, professional, and extremely helpful. There were no expensive fixes needed and all of the work was performed quickly and efficiently.” Davie Florida Mechanic


If you are in search of a mobile auto repair facility that is accessible, has a great staff, and provides quality repairs, contact Truck and Equipment Services of Miami, Florida. We can provide you with a personal one-on-one service, guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, there is a 100% money back guarantee. If you need a mobile auto repair service that can perform repairs on vehicles both in Florida and out of state, we can accommodate your needs. Let us help you find the best garage in your area and get your vehicle running optimally again. Contact us today and find out. Davie Florida Mechanic

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