Check engine light diagnostic

Diagnostic Trouble Codes – Why You May Need Them

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The trouble code on a Honda Civic can be determined by a Car Check engine light. This light tells you exactly what the problem is and what to do to correct it. When this trouble code appears, you should take your Civic to your dealer and have it checked out. Most dealerships have an auto repair department that can check your car for you free of charge. It is advisable however, to use a professional to properly check out your Civic because of potential dangerous issues that can arise. Check engine light diagnostic

Check engine light diagnostic


The ignition coils or connectors are typically responsible for igniting the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber. Without reliable performance from your ignition coils (s), the car will misfire and stumble. Code P0351 indicates that there is an electrical issue in either the spark plugs or the primary circuit. A problem with one of these circuits is more likely to be an electrical malfunction than a mechanical one and must be addressed by a repair person. Check engine light diagnostic

Check engine light diagnostic


The first step in diagnosing a failed P0351 problem is to look at the power source. If the power switch is illuminated with an ‘LED’ light, then the problem is more likely a power circuit issue. A car that has its power source shut off by mistake will display this LED. However, if the power switch never comes on, then the ignition coils or solenoid must be replaced. Other reasons the power switch may come to include starting a car that doesn’t have running water, problems with the battery, starting an engine in cold weather, a low battery and many other scenarios.

Check engine light diagnostic


Your next step should be to check your fuel system and identify a possible fuel level leak. An intake manifold or ‘bank’ is made up of steel tubing, which contains a series of air tanks. When the airflow in one tank is blocked by another, the air in the other tank is negatively charged. When this occurs on a prolonged basis, a positive charge will build up, which will cause the fuel injector to work harder to prevent damage to the air tanks. Low levels of fuel can cause a check engine light to illuminate and an engine shutdown to occur.


Next, look at the idle motor for excessive wear. This is another situation where a check engine light comes on because the idle motor is misfiring. Excessive wear means that there is not enough air in the idle motor to prevent it from being damaged. If you have had a car for a very long time, then this is a good indicator that the fuel pump or igniter circuit has failed.


Check the voltage at the ignition coils. The ignition coils are metal insulated conductors, which are part of the spark plug assembly. When an ignition coil is burnt out, the electrical current from the battery is impinged upon the spark plug assembly causing it to get hot. This hot metal can eventually damage the wires inside the coil and can cause the p0351 code p0351 to illuminate. As with the air-fuel system, an excessive amount of heat will cause the vehicle to shut down. The p0351 codes are specific to each vehicle, so if you have a Honda Civic, for instance, then the code will be different than a Ford Focus or GMC Terrain.


There are a few more things that can cause the p0351 code p0351 to illuminate. A burned-out solenoid is one of these things. Another is the failure of either the timing chain or the clutch. When this happens the electrical components of the timing chain or the clutch are burned out, which causes the p0351 to light. If you notice that your vehicle suddenly starts to accelerate, has trouble accelerating, or doesn’t accelerate at all, then this may be the problem.


Having a reliable diagnostic trouble codes scan tool is crucial to maintaining your car’s performance. The cost of diagnostic Trouble Codes is extremely low. This is especially true if you take advantage of having your PDA send you emails or have the tool preloaded into your personal computer. Don’t delay; get a tool scan your vehicle today! !

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