Why Did I Become A Mobile Mechanic?

I originally found my calling as a mechanic during high school. Auto repair brought out a quality in me that I never knew that I possessed. The moment that I began to work, and learn about cars, I realized that I was obsessed with making sure that I could learn to repair a vehicle, and return it to its original state.

I worked at various auto repair facilities during the beginning of my career. In these workshops, I learned all of the neccessary skills needed to correctly diagnose a vehicles symptoms, and repair them with confidence. The more cars that I worked on, the more experience, and knowledge I gained. I began to take on larger tasks with ease.

My growth in knowledge gave me the confidence to open my own repair shop, and service customers of my own. Through much hard work and determination, I grew my business, and started to watch my shop grow more every day. As my shop grew, I noticed one thing that I personally did not like. My customers were constantly having to pay for tow trucks to bring their vehicles to me. This raised their overall costs for repairs. The larger my shop got, the more that I had to pay in expenses. This led me to realize that if I became mobile I could help more people lower their repair expenses.

I purchased my work van, and tried it out. Luckily for me, I found that people were very enthusiastic towards the idea of cheaper prices, and faster service. I expanded my reach for service to the entire broward county area. I began servicing Davie, Cooper city, Plantation, Sunrise, Weston, Hollywood, and more.

I pride myself in my work, and with over 10 years experience, I strive to achieve the best experience for all of my customers. I have found that each day by helping more people, I build a better business, and overall new experience in auto repair for my customers. I look forward to any challenges that await.

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