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Common Starter Motor Problems That May Cause Cranking Issues

What exactly is a starter? Essentially, the starter is just a tiny electric motor, usually powered by your car’s battery. It gets your vehicle’s engine moving so that all the vehicle components such as the car, engine, transmission, brakes and clutch system will start working. Starter Repair



A starter motor sits between the starter and the battery, transmitting electricity to the different parts when the vehicle engine starts.

If there is a problem with your starter motor, then there will be a problem with all the other electrical systems in the vehicle. A bad starter motor is usually indicated by several bad starter symptoms:


If your starter solenoid is not working properly, there should be no delay in the process of starting your car. Starter Repair

The electrical system in your engine is powered by a permanent magnet which keeps the electrical current flowing. When this current is interrupted, it can cause a voltage surge and an excess amount of current will flow through the terminals of the solenoid. If there is not enough power for your starter to work, then your other electrical systems will fail as well. Starter Repair


If you are looking at the problem of a bad starter motor and it is causing your car to start with a whirring noise, then it could be the case of a fuse getting blown or a short in one of the wires. This means that the current cannot flow correctly, causing the engine to function but the lights to flash. If the starter fails, then all the systems will fail – the lights go on and off repeatedly, the starter relays and the electric motor. This also means that the safety switch must be engaged or the electricity could get into your eyes and mouth and cause injury. Starter Repair


A bad solenoid can often be repaired by a mechanic. Starter Repair

The solenoid contains two terminals, each having two wires connected to a diaphragm. The wires link a negative and positive terminal and control the amount of electricity flowing through the solenoid. This means that if either of the terminals shorts out, then it can stop the electricity and stop your car from starting. You can check the specific voltage rating of the solenoid on the product documentation and refer to the owner’s manual for a troubleshooting guide.


If your car has a defective starter system and you are noticing bad starter symptoms, then it is likely that the motor has failed. Check the vehicle’s battery for signs of wear and for any signs of water damage. The battery is probably the weak point and should be inspected first. If the car battery is damaged, then the electrical system will fail also.


If your car’s electrical components have failed, then the switch that controls the starter will probably fail as well. This is easily checked using an ohmmeter. If the Ohmmeter shows a load resistance, this means that the electrical components within the switch are failing. If the Ohmmeter shows none of the loads, then the problem is most likely with the starter.


If none of the starter solenoid or motor problems are solved, then there may be a problem with the pinion gear. Starter Repair

The pinion gear is located between the starting mechanism and the engine. It is important to verify that the starting mechanism has enough power to start the car with no problem and that the starter is functioning properly. If you hear grinding noises when you start the car, then you most likely need a new starter.


You can test the battery to see if it needs to be replaced. To do this, insert the terminals of the negative cable into the battery and twist them around. Take a flashlight and shine it on the terminal contacts to identify any damage. If you hear a whining noise or see any smoke coming from the terminals, then you need to replace the battery. Replacing the battery will also help you diagnose the problem with your starter motor.


Another common problem associated with jumpstart a car with a bad starter is the dashboard lights going out.

Sometimes the battery pack will leak oil and cause the dashboard lights to go out. In order to fix this problem, turn off your car and remove the battery. If your dashboard lights still come on, then your problem is more serious than a simple battery problem. For more information, consult your owner’s manual or customer service center.


These are the most common symptoms you should be aware of. It’s important to be aware of all warning signs of a faulty starter so that you don’t waste precious time and energy changing the problem during normal use. There are some more symptoms that you should be on the lookout for. Watch out for grinding noises, excessive wear on the parts and the general deterioration of your vehicle. By avoiding common problems and keeping your car safe and healthy, you will increase the chances that your vehicle continues to function properly for many years to come.


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