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Top 3 Things to Check For in Your Car Maintenance

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Every car needs regular maintenance. Today we will walk you through the simple process of maintaining your vehicle! Download a free Car Maintenance Guide for tips on tuning your car today! It is as important to maintain your spare as it is your four wheels on top of your car. The last thing that you need is for the spare to fall off your car while you are pulling out the jack


Your car maintenance tips include changing your brake pads, transmission fluid, oil, calipers, and the pressure on your tires. Be sure to check your fluids often. This is especially true if you drive long distances. The car’s fluids will lose pressure as the miles from town increase.


Check your brake pads and rotors regularly. If your brakes are sticking, they can be very easily repaired. Most of the time the problem is the brake caliper. Remove the wheel off the brake caliper with a wrench. Using an old toothpick, gently remove the excess dirt. If the rotors need to be replaced, carefully read the owner manual and install the new ones.


If you have an automatic transmission, be sure to check your friction material. This is especially true in older cars that have heavy steel drums on the brakes. Over time, the steel could wear away at the friction material resulting in excessive heat that can cause your brakes to stick. Changing the brakes friction material could save you a lot of money.


A car maintenance tip that many people overlook is changing the brake fluid frequently. This is especially true if you own an automatic transmission. Over time the friction material in the brakes can wear thin and disintegrate. If this occurs, the car won’t stop smoothly or efficiently. Changing your brake fluid frequently will also help your car stop easier.


Another car maintenance tip that is easy to follow and doesn’t cost much is purchasing a new set of brake pads. The front brakes are usually made from steel so they tend to get a little weaker as the car ages. If you replace the front rotors and pads, it will take care of the problem and give your brakes a great workout.


Be sure to visually inspect your engine as well. A popular service area for engine problems is on the firewall or back of the engine compartment. Make sure to inspect your gas tank, exhaust system and carburetor also. You may never need to replace these parts; it just makes good common sense to maintain your vehicle.


One other great service area to check is your radiator hoses. If you see any damage, leak or deterioration on your radiator hoses it means your radiator is about to fail. Your radiator is used to cool your engine, control temperature and maintain your engine’s battery charge. Any signs of wear or leaking of these vital components can lead to major engine damage, which can literally be fatal. So pay attention to your radiator hoses and keep your car cool!


One of the most important car maintenance tips out there is to change your tires frequently. If you don’t, the tread will be very thin and it will wear faster. On the other hand, if you change your tires too often you will soon find your tread bar too low. Tread wear can be caused by a lack of pressure in your brake fluid, low oil temperature, or a poorly chosen tire. If you notice any of these signs, change your tires immediately.


Another one of the car maintenance tips is to make sure your suspension system is maintained and in proper shape. In order to have a good suspension, you need to adjust your springs and struts as well as your shocks. Not only will a poorly maintained suspension system to give you bad steering, it will also transfer your weight and efforts to other parts of the car causing poor fuel economy. Make sure you check your struts and springs at least every three months or so and remember to add lubrication to them once a month.


This is probably one of the most overlooked car maintenance tips out there. Regularly inspect your tyres for wear and tear. By inspecting your tyres you will be able to identify problems much earlier on and save yourself a lot of money from buying a new set of tyres.


These are the three things that you should do as part of your car maintenance tips. If you follow the tips listed above, you will find that your brakes will stop sooner, your suspension system will be working better, and your engine will be running better. You will save money as well because you won’t need to buy new parts like fluids and fuel filters. If you don’t do these basic things regularly, you could be putting yourself at risk of a large loss.

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