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An auto battery or car battery is a rechargeable ionic cell that is used in an automobile to activate an electrical current to begin a car’s engine. Its primary function is to supply an electrical charge to the internal combustion engine of the car, which in turn begins the chemical-fueled internal combustion engine which in turn drives the vehicle. The car battery performs the task of storing energy that is needed to power the onboard engine, and when this energy is not immediately available, the car engine uses stored energy to power it until such time that additional energy sources are available. In many ways, the car battery serves as a power storage unit within the engine. Car Battery Service Miramar Florida


Unfortunately, the act of charging a car battery involves creating heat that can often cause harm to both the electrical components and the chemical reactions that create the electricity. Overcharging a car battery, for example, can create the wrong voltage, damaging the internal electrical components. Or, a car battery can be left sitting in a partially-charged state for a long period of time without being fully recharged. This will cause a chemical reaction, which can in turn damage the electrical components. Although a battery can be recharged, it is best to do so only after the battery has been fully drained of all available energy. Recharging a battery other than to its full capacity is known as overcharging the battery. Car Battery Service Miramar Florida


With new batteries, a AA battery service plan can be initiated before any damage is done to the electrical components or when needed to prevent further damage. To initiate a service plan, the car owner should first identify where the battery is located and what kind of battery it is. Many auto repair shops offer a wide range of batteries including lead acid, alkaline, nickel cadmium, and lithium ion. The type of battery is largely irrelevant, but if it is not properly identified, the auto repair shop may not be able to initiate an appropriate plan. Car Battery Service Coral Springs Florida


Once the right battery is identified, the owner should find out what kind of charging system it uses. Most cars use the standard nickel cadmium (NiCad) battery system. It is susceptible to a finite number of charging errors, or “crs.” If a series of these errors occur at the same time, the battery may need to be charged down to zero. If a second consecutive error occurs after the first one, then the battery may need to be charged to full. A properly functioning battery will exhibit no symptoms at all, but owners should take care to listen for a discharge that does not come from the NiCad battery system. Car Battery Service Coral Springs Florida


Next, the car battery may need to be tested using a virtual tester. A virtual tester will show the amount of voltage that exists in the battery. The battery may be tested at various times, and a virtual tester is a cheaper alternative than hiring an auto repair shop. Virtual testing helps prevent expensive mistakes from being made when charging the battery, and it also allows the owner to test the battery before any changes are made to the actual battery.


One disadvantage of NiCad batteries is their limited capability to store charge. In addition, they are extremely heavy and are not portable. They are best suited for short trips or to power small, light electronic devices such as flashlights. In addition, they take much longer to recharge than most other types of batteries.


An AA battery, like the NiCad, can hold a charge much longer than NiCad, but they are heavier and require more steps recharge. If they are to be used on a regular basis, they may need to be changed every three years. This means that replacing them every three years will ensure that they work properly for a lifetime. Additionally, they have much shorter life spans than many other types of batteries, and they cannot be recharged using a trickle charger or automotive cigarette lighter plug.


Batteries work on the same principle as that of the battery. Charge is created in one electrode (positively charged), and electrons move from a negatively charged source to an electrode (repressively charged). The electrons flow through a chemical reaction, breaking a chemical bond between the two lead plates. The electricity created by this chemical reaction is an electrical charge.

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