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Many of us own a car or a truck and unless it has a service history, we are at risk of using an inferior car battery. Low quality cars have a much higher failure rate and ultimately end up costing more in the long run than cheaper models. A low quality battery can give you more problems in a single year than the average car can potentially last. A car battery is the most vital component of your vehicle and therefore it should be handled with the utmost care. If you are considering buying a new battery or even an extended battery for your existing car, it is important to find in Fort Lauderdale, Florida some of the most reputable companies offering all kinds of battery service and replacement options. Car Battery Service Pembroke Pines

Car Battery Service


AAA batteries are expensive and competitively priced. The average price is around $ 119 and most come with a three year warranty. A new rechargeable battery will usually last, on average, about three to five years, however, driving conditions, environmental, and general maintenance will impact its longevity. It is recommended to change your car battery at least once every three months or so. If you notice the battery light is on when you first start up your car or if it stays on when you turn the key in the ignition, it could mean that your battery is suffering from a condition called battery corrosion.


A battery light usually means that your alternator is not performing to the best of its ability and this could mean that the charging system of your car is not working correctly. This will result in the battery light being turned on. If your battery light is turned on repeatedly, it could be a sign of a more serious problem with your alternator. Car Battery Service Pembroke Pines

Car Battery Service Pembroke Pines


Battery corrosion can take place if there is a build up of organic material at the positive terminals of the battery. This material will corrode the positive terminals overtime. The type of material that is most likely to cause corrosion is nickel, though it can also occur at plastic and metal battery contacts. As the battery contacts develop corrosion, the positive terminal will corrode as well. This is why a car battery service professional will diagnose the issue and offer appropriate solutions for the problem. Car Battery Service Pembroke Pines


The best solution to avoid corrosion is to avoid placing anything metal on the positive terminals of the battery. Metal will only increase the rate at which the terminals corrode. You should place the battery cables between the firewall and the vehicle’s chassis. Plastic and metal connectors should be avoided and wires and cable clamps should be removed. These things will protect the battery cables from corrosion.

Car Battery Service Pembroke Pines


If the battery has gone through this process already and corrosion has set in, the best thing to do is to replace the entire battery. If you must use a new battery, make sure that you clean both the terminals and the battery cables before you install the new one. If the corroded areas are soft, use an automotive grease to lubricate and protect. If they are hard, use an electrical tape to protect them. Follow these same steps when you install the new battery, making sure to install it correctly.


A longer or shorter battery may require a different solution for extreme temperatures. If you live in a hot, dry area, you might want to purchase a set of battery terminals that use a higher temperature resistance. Cars often stop operating in extreme temperatures, so having a higher resistance ensures that they work more effectively. It also protects against leakage. Another option is a long-lasting high-temperature resistant wire.


Not all battery replacement services are limited to cosmetic fixes. If your battery is showing signs of life loss, it may be time to think about an engine replacement. Even a simple change in the oil or a bad battery can cause the engine to start but will soon fail, as the battery wears down. The engine is much more complex than a simple battery, so a trained technician will have better success repairing your car battery.

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