BMW Battery Replacement

BMW Battery Replacement – How to Get Started

BMW Battery Replacement
BMW Battery Replacement

If you start having electrical problems, or just general hesitance when starting up your car, it might be time to invest in an updated battery for your BMW. BMW Battery Replacement Service If your want a specific replacement battery or are having trouble installing one, batteries, and services departments at BMW of Mountain View are there for you. Whether your car battery is a factory OEM battery or an aftermarket battery, they’ll help you install it in the most efficient manner possible. Aftermarket cars often have issues with connectors and connections that can cause erratic behavior and improper performance, so we can’t always depend on the factory connections to keep our cars on the road and charge smoothly. Sometimes the only recourse is an upgraded battery. And sometimes, just a jump in efficiency can make the difference between charging up to full and then dying at the very least. BMW Battery Replacement


Installing new battery parts warranty is pretty straight forward. BMW Battery Replacement

Most aftermarket brands come with their own installation guides, and in many cases they even have videos showing you how to install them correctly. For those who don’t know, there are two types of BMW battery – OEM (factory-integrated) and aftermarket. There’s also a variety of connectors that go with each type of battery. We’ll cover these in more detail later.


The most common battery replacement questions involve questions about getting an OEM replacement battery and installation of a battery. The first question to answer is whether or not you need an OEM battery. In short, if your car needs an OEM battery, call your BMW dealer or BMW authorized service center to find out for sure. BMW Battery Replacement


Now, depending on the age and make of your BMW, you might be able to purchase a genuine BMW battery from an auto parts dealer. Or, if your car is over 10 years old, it’s probably safe to buy an used battery. But neither option is ideal. Why?


With an OEM battery, you’re getting the same quality of the battery that comes with the vehicle. And with a factory-integrated battery, your electrical system will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a fully functional and certified battery. With a new one, however, you’re usually dealing with a battery that wasn’t manufactured by the original BMW manufacturer, so it has only been approved by the factory for use with specific BMW makes and models. This means that any potential problems with the electrical system when installing it could result in voiding your warranty and a hefty fine.


In addition to voiding your warranty, a faulty battery could potentially lead to an accident. It’s important to remember that the headlights, signal lights, brake light, turn signal lights, and windshield wipers are all powered by electricity, so if one of them suddenly goes out, you could be in big trouble. Even if the headlights and turn signals are working, the battery may still be at fault, requiring you to complete the entire BMW battery replacement procedure or face a broken body shell or major cosmetic damage in the process. So be sure to contact a professional for the installation of a new BMW battery. BMW Battery Replacement


Before you even start the job, you should make sure you’ve contacted the correct BMW service center. BMW Battery Replacement

The difference between a certified service center and one that isn’t is significant, and it can be the difference between having a functional and safe battery and having a battery that’s not only dangerous but also costs you more money to replace. If your center doesn’t know where your car came from, they won’t be able to tell whether or not the battery is going to be a problem. A certified service center can track down where your battery came from, customize a charging system to your exact specifications, and install new batteries in your specific car. For example, many BMW owners have found that adding anti-lock brakes as well as an automatic window lock function to their cars has been the answer to keeping their BMW’s performing at their best. If you’re not familiar with BMW products, it’s highly recommended that you find out what the charge system is, how it works, and whether or not it’s something you can do yourself.


Lastly, before you take on the job of BMW battery replacement, it’s important that you know which specific brand of batteries are right for your car. In general, the older BMW batteries are made with NiCad, while newer cars use Lead Acid. The NiCad batteries are safer, more reliable, and typically last longer than the LSAs, but replacing an old BMW with a newer model is an easy enough task if you’re well-educated about what kind of battery you need in your car. You may even consider contacting a reputable dealership or professional distributor of OEM BMW batteries to assist you in making your decision.

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