Battery Replacement Plantation Florida

Checking Your Car Battery’s Voltage

An auto battery or automobile battery is an electrical rechargeable battery, which is used to begin a car’s engine. Its purpose is to supply an electrical current to the engine, which in turn begins the gasoline powered internal combustion engine which in turn propels the car. Most car batteries have a life expectancy of about 150 full charging, while others will show signs of degradation after every third charge. As time passes, your battery’s ability to hold charge will diminish and it will eventually need to be replaced. When choosing a battery to replace, you should take these tips into consideration: Battery Replacement Plantation Florida

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* A – Check the Voltage. To test the electrical system of your car battery, you must open the vehicle’s battery compartment and look for the terminals. You should note that most installations will include a terminal’s tab. If the terminals are already removed, check the amount of current coming from the battery. If the terminal shows lower current than expected, or if the terminals are hot, this could mean there is a short circuit somewhere in the system and will need to be repaired immediately. Battery Replacement Plantation Florida

Battery Replacement Plantation Florida


* B – Check the Ohm. A car battery’s primary circuit is composed of a combination of positive and negative electrical components, known as its “battery pack.” The pack is made up of numerous copper oxide cells with positive and negative electrodes. When the electrolytes are present, this chemical reaction forms a chemical reaction that produces electricity. The higher the Ohm value of these individual cells, the more electricity produced.

Battery Replacement Plantation Florida

* C – Test the Capacities. If you notice a smaller capacity when testing new batteries, this means there is an existing fault with the electrical system. This can occur for several reasons, such as copper Oxides not having the same level of electrical field strength between them, or too much heat being applied to the cells, or even improper wiring techniques. With these faults, it is likely the electrolyte level is too low.


* D – Determine the Voltage. To determine the voltage at which your battery has reached its maximum safe level, take a look at the voltage at the battery terminal. The lower the voltage on the terminals, the less potential current the battery can handle. To test this, simply connect a battery into an outlet and note the voltage at the battery’s positive terminal.


* E – Set Up the Auto Repair System. After measuring the voltage across the terminals, you should now determine how your charging system should be set up. In order to produce a steady stream of electricity, you should set up your charging system so that the chemical energy is always in a positive polarity. In order for this chemical reaction to create a steady stream of electricity, you should make sure your battery is fully charged before starting your vehicle’s engine.


* S – Set Up the Alternator. If the voltage across the terminals doesn’t meet the required voltage needed to support the load necessary for your vehicle’s starter motor, you may need to add more starter motors to your starter line. To do this, disconnect the negative lead from the battery’s positive terminal, and attach a new positive lead to the existing negative. When you are sure you have connected everything back to its normal position, then you can reconnect the positive lead to its terminal. This will allow you to readjust the voltage needed for your starter motor.


By combining all of these methods, you should have enough charge to get your car started. However, if the chemical energy produced is not sufficient for your needs, then you should consider replacing the chemical contained within your alternator. If you decide to change out your alternator, then you should also replace your battery to provide sufficient electrical energy to run your vehicle. You can find the specific replacement chemical components at any auto parts retailer.

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