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Tips for Replacing an Auto Battery

An auto battery or car battery, also known as an epicyclic cell is a recharged lithium battery, also known as a deep cycle battery, which is utilized to begin a vehicle’s electric engine. Its primary function is to supply an electric current to the vehicle’s starting motor, which then activates the gasoline powered internal combustion engine that in turn burns the fuel, creating energy that is then transferred to all of the other parts and components of the automobile. The process allows a vehicle to function without its starting batteries. However, without a properly functioning battery it is very difficult to power, accelerate and maintain a high performance automobile. If the batteries fail, the performance of the vehicle as well as its ability to continue on the road are in jeopardy. Mobile Battery Replacement Pompano Florida

Mobile Battery Replacement


There are many causes for the failure of a vehicle’s electrical system. Faulty connections, a fuse that does not blow out completely, or poor installation can all be possible reasons for the failure of the electrical system. When a car battery fails it usually results in a burnt-out fuse, or the connection to the battery has been compromised by either a foreign body or a manufacturing defect. A chemical reaction may take place internally to break down the bonds that are holding the chemical compounds in the battery together and cause them to become loose, dissolve and therefore to burn out. Mobile Battery Replacement Pompano Florida


Two different types of batteries are used in a vehicle: the alkaline battery, which are composed of lead-acid batteries, and the electrochemical battery, which contain two separate chemicals, an acid battery, and a lead-acid battery. The alkaline batteries are easily inflammable, so they must always be kept in a safe place. Lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, are safe to be handled, but they have a tendency to catch fire when they are improperly used. A battery that contains both alkaline and acid is called a hybrid battery, and has a great number of advantages over its simpler counterpart. Hybrid cars generally run longer before needing recharging, they produce less pollution and their internal combustion engines are more balanced, environmentally speaking. Mobile Battery Replacement Pompano Florida


Deep discharge cell works by allowing the electrolyte of one battery to drain into another battery while keeping the electrolyte of both within the same cells. Because the liquids are drained of their salt and the electrolytes have been separated, the performance of the batteries is improved tremendously. This is because the battery is operating at higher voltages and more amps (amps equal volts). If you buy a battery, make sure that you know what the range of amps is available; more often than not, the manufactures refer to a “full” battery when they mean seven or eight amps. Some manufacturers call their batteries “high power” or “fast charging” batteries. Mobile Battery Replacement Pompano Florida


Starter batteries are the first thing that your car will use after you start it up. They come in two kinds: wet and dry. A dry cell contains a metal casing that allows a little bit of moisture in, so the battery can be started easily. The wet cell on the other hand, is just that, a metal case with a little bit of water in it. Mobile Battery Replacement Pompano Florida


Batteries are designed to maintain their electrical charge even after they have been fully discharged. It takes a bit of time for these batteries to restore themselves to an actual electrical state. As a result, batteries will remain at a lower voltage until they have the opportunity to begin charging again. Many of these batteries will retain their charge until the engine has died completely, although this may depend on the quality of your electrical starting system. Mobile Battery Replacement Pompano Florida


Once your vehicle battery has reached the end of its electrical charge, it must be replaced. Most automotive batteries use a mechanical method to recharge and will perform this task by allowing positive electrical current to pass through the lead plates within the cells. The flow of the current will stimulate the cells and cause them to produce additional positive electric current, which will in turn charge the lead plates. After the battery has been recharged to at least 60 percent capacity, it is time to replace the old unit with a new one.


Most automotive auto batteries are equipped with self-discharge safety features that allow them to self-destruct when they reach a certain level of negative charge. If your battery is at this point, you should not attempt to charge it any further. If you must, use a trickle charger or connect it to an external car battery charger. If you fail to do this, your battery will slowly loose its ability to store electrical charge and the cycle will continue.

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