Mobile Battery Replacement Plantation FL

Replacing a Car Battery Acid

Car batteries are the source of energy to power an automobile. An automotive battery or car battery essentially is a rechargeable electrical battery, which is used to ignite a motor vehicle’s engine to drive it. Its function is to supply an electrical charge to the onboard electric motor, which in effect begins the internal combustion engine, which in turn fuels the vehicle itself. In this way, the battery serves both as a power source and a power generator for the car. The importance of a car battery is indispensable for a number of reasons. Mobile Battery Replacement Plantation

Mobile Battery Replacement
Mobile Battery Replacement

Car batteries are comprised of several different components. The battery pack, the controller, the battery cells, the terminal connection and the battery grease. The overall purpose of these parts is to supply a chemical reaction that causes an electric current to be produced when the batteries are charged. The actual chemical reaction is referred to as electrochemical reaction. This happens because when two metals in the battery contact one another, a chemical reaction occurs which causes an electric current to be produced. The actual energy created is dependent on the voltage and current of the battery pack itself. Mobile Battery Replacement Plantation

Mobile Battery Replacement Plantation FL

Proper maintenance and replacement of car batteries are important to maintain the efficiency, and performance of the electrical system of your vehicle as well as to minimize wear and tear to the battery pack itself. Because some cars have stock battery packs and others have aftermarket battery packs, proper maintenance is required to make sure that the battery packs function properly and do not require replacement much sooner than necessary. In fact, there are certain tips and guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your battery packs last for a long time without experiencing any problems or premature failure. Mobile Battery Replacement Plantation


When your car battery does not function properly, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with your battery power source or perhaps with your cranking mechanism. A battery may need to be recharged so that its life can be increased. If your cranking mechanism is at fault, it will be necessary to have the battery serviced so that the mechanical parts can be checked. In case the battery fails to charge, you may need to check the battery power source to ascertain if there is any damage to it. Mobile Battery Replacement Plantation

Mobile Battery Replacement Plantation FL

If there is some damage to the battery, the first thing to check is the terminals. Chances are that the lead-acid battery terminals are the weak link that allows the flow of electricity from the battery to your cranking mechanism. If this is the case, the battery may need to be replaced. However, if you find that the terminals are working properly, then the problem lies in your alternator. Mobile Battery Replacement Plantation


You must also check your starter if your car battery did not get a charge last time you started your car. Cold cranking can be caused by a bad starter or even by your starting motor. If this is the case, then your starter has to be repaired or replaced. In addition, you should check your vehicle’s warranty to see if it covers starter replacement. You can then contact the service center to have the starter replaced.


The voltage drop that occurs in the battery cell due to cold cranking can also be rectified by a starter. If this is the case, then you will have to repair your starter. Again, the alternator has to be repaired or replaced if the alternator is the weak link. You may also have to change the spark plugs if they are not functioning well.


Finally, you should have an expert look over your electrical system to determine whether it needs to be replaced. If your system is good, then replacing the battery acid will be easy. However, if your electrical system is old and worn out, you may have to go for battery acid or sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is cheaper than battery acid and causes less damage to the electrical system.

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