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What Can Cause a Car Battery To Fail?


A car battery or auto battery is a rechargeable alkaline battery, which is used to begin a vehicle’s engine. Its primary function is to deliver an electrical charge to the onboard electrical motor, which in return ignites the internally-combined internal combustion engine which in turn drives the vehicle. An auto battery differs from a traditional car battery in the sense that it is not designed to be replaced like a traditional car battery, but rather to be recharged. Car batteries are made out of various materials such as graphite, cadmium, and lithium among others. These batteries can be recharged in many ways depending on the manufacturer. With advancements in technology, most batteries can now be easily recharged through the use of an Auto Repair shop. Mobile Battery Replacement Davie

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A car battery may be fully discharged or partially discharged; this depends on its physical condition. When fully discharged, it gives off a lot less electric current than when in its full state. To determine whether a battery is fully discharged or not, you can perform a virtual battery tester test which is also referred to as a gauge test. Mobile Battery Replacement Davie


A gauge test is performed by placing your finger over the terminals of a battery and taking a reading. If you find that the voltage remains at the same level at both the ends, your battery life is good. If you find that the voltage drops significantly at one end, your vehicle battery may have suffered a large power drop. This does not necessarily mean that your vehicle will not function properly; however, it is important to ensure that your vehicle is functioning properly before performing any significant repairs. If you perform a virtual battery tester to test regularly, you will be able to identify problems early and handle potential problems before they turn into major issues. Mobile Battery Replacement Davie


If you notice a substantial drop in the voltage across the terminals of one or more terminals, then you may need to replace your battery. The alternator is the device that supplies the required electrical energy for your vehicle’s electrical system. If you find that the alternator is the culprit, you should consider replacing the entire electrical system of your vehicle with new ones. Mobile Battery Replacement Davie


The chemical energy in a battery provides the power to power all the electrical components of your vehicle. If the chemical energy is not sufficient, then your vehicle will not work. In most cases, the failure of one of the electrical components will usually result in a dead battery. If you perform a test to determine if a battery needs to be replaced, you will first have to locate the specific battery component that has failed. Mobile Battery Replacement Davie


There are two common reasons why your battery fails. First, there may be a fault in the electrolyte; this happens when the electrolyte is contaminated with either water or some other harmful chemical reaction. In this case, the battery will function but at a reduced level. Secondly, a manufacturing defect may occur where there is excessive exposure to heat or a chemical reaction that damages the internal wiring. In either of these cases, the existing electrical energy will dissipate in the form of voltage reduction.


Your car’s cranking power is dependent upon the amount of electrolytes in your battery. A dry cell contains two electrodes, while a wet cell contains three. The reason that dry cell works better than a wet cell battery is because the chemical energy is in a simple and constant state. This allows for more energy to be driven to run your engine. On the other hand, a wet-cell battery has a higher voltage but also contains higher levels of salt or other chemicals that can potentially damage the internal chemical reactions. When you replace a dry-cell battery, it is recommended that you replace both the positives and negatives together.


If you have a weak battery, you should first charge the battery to full before attempting to use your vehicle. Also remember to always let your vehicle come to a complete stop before plugging in your starting system. This will prevent a powerful electrical surge that will affect both your charging system as well as your starter motor. Lastly, avoid driving your vehicle in a bumpy environment. If you must do so, only do so when safe and in a gradual fashion.

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