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Why Does My Car Start And Go But I Can’t Get The “Check Engine Light” Off?

A car battery or automobile battery is basically a rechargeable alkaline battery, which is utilized to begin a engine vehicle’s . The main function of this battery is to supply an electrical current to the engine, which in return begins the chemical-fuel-powered internal combustion engine which in turn burns the gasoline and causes the car to run. Without a car battery and its consistent charging and discharging, your vehicle would cease running entirely. This is why so many people now find themselves searching for an auto battery repair shop in their area. In fact, automobile battery repair has become such a popular service because it can be quite inexpensive, especially considering the fact that a new battery can easily cost a few hundred dollars. Car Battery Replacement Tamarac Florida 

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With the vast technological advancements we have seen over the last decade or so, we have managed to develop a variety of different methods for charging an automobile’s battery. Previously, the only way to charge a battery was by utilizing the automobile’s cigarette lighter. However, as time progressed and more advances were made in the world of batteries, other methods were developed. Some of these other methods included the use of an external adapter that connects to the cigarette lighter to the car battery, the use of a small electrical device called the “adapters” which plug in and disconnect the battery power from the vehicle’s alternator, and the use of electrical components like the relays which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy needed for the vehicle to move. Car Battery Replacement Tamarac Florida


With so many ways to charge a battery, it becomes important to choose the right battery for a particular situation. For example, if you live in an area where there are seasonal differences in the weather, you should purchase a battery which can withstand those conditions. This is why you often see drivers with heavy-duty trucks using alternator-based chargers even when the temperature may be below freezing. The reason why the alternator-based chargers must be used at all times is because there is nothing else available to prevent the battery from getting damaged by low temperatures. For example, if the weather turns very cold, the battery may need to be replaced before the vehicle reaches its destination. In this case, the driver will not be able to make use of the factory-installed charger and must turn to an external unit to ensure that the vehicle reaches its destination safely. Car Battery Replacement Tamarac Florida


It is important to note that all batteries have their own special characteristics which may cause them to perform differently under certain operating conditions. For example, a deep-cycle battery has the ability to retain a charge for a long period of time even after they have been discharged. A deep-cycle battery also has the ability to produce a larger amount of electricity than a standard type of battery. As a result, drivers who prefer to drive with a dead battery can benefit by having a deep-cycle battery installed in their vehicle to maximize the amount of miles they can cover. Car Battery Replacement Tamarac Florida


Drivers who are concerned about the possibility of their car battery failing to operate properly may also want to consider an external starter battery tester. A virtual battery tester provides the driver with the ability to test their car battery without actually having to connect the actual battery to the computer. Through the use of a digital display, the tester can read the electrical energy produced by the battery and determine whether or not the battery needs to be charged or it should be discharged. Car Battery Replacement Tamarac Florida


As the driver drives, the electrical current flowing through the battery’s terminals will increase until the weak battery power is overcome. At this point, the voltage will begin to drop and a starting difficulty may develop. To help prevent a serious problem, the weak battery power can be restored by simply switching the engine off. However, if the engine is still running and the starter is still in function, the alternator must be engaged so that the charging system is able to kick in. Once the charging system is operating at full capacity, the weak battery power will disappear and the battery will start to function normally again.


If the alternator is engaged, the charging system will provide all the electrical energy required to keep the car running. This ensures that there is never a dead battery in a vehicle. In fact, once a new or used vehicle has been driven for a period of time, it is quite common for a dead battery to develop within the warranty period. By simply disengaging the starter and turning off the engine, it is possible to ensure that the warranty will cover the replacement or repair of the dead battery. However, if the alternator is not powered, the only option available to the owner is to purchase a new or used vehicle with a fully operational starter and to purchase a battery for the vehicle that works at its fullest capacity.


The reasons why vehicles experience a “check engine” light or a “cranking” light may vary. Sometimes, a vehicle may simply have a worn out starter or other device that is causing the “check engine” light to go on. At other times, a battery-power switch, often referred to as an “ECM” switch, may be broken or stuck open. If this is the case, it is recommended that a vehicle be towed to a dealership to have this replaced. However, if a vehicle is still running normally, it may be beneficial to check the battery power switch to ensure that it is functioning properly.

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