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A car battery or auto battery is basically a rechargeable battery which is utilized to activate a vehicle’s electrical system to begin a run. Its sole function is to supply an electrical charge to the car’s electric starting motor, which itself initiates the internally-combined internal combustion engine which in turn drives the car. Cars differ in makes and models but all work off of a similar type of battery called a cell. This cell stores the energy required to power the vehicle during a period when the vehicle is not running. Car Battery Service Plantation Florida


The process of charging a battery begins when the battery has reached full capacity. At this point, the stored electrical energy has been utilized to power the car during a period when the vehicle was not in use. At this point, it is time to replace the dead battery. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that the time has come for them to purchase new batteries for their vehicles. If you have been keeping your batteries charged, but they are no longer operating properly, it may be time to invest in a new set. Car Battery Service Plantation Florida


The alternator is the primary power source of the engine of the car. During normal operation, the alternator charges the batteries that are connected to the engine through a series of chemical reactions. The chemicals contained in the reaction provide the electricity necessary to power the various parts of the engine, including the battery, during periods when the car battery itself is not operating. The chemical reaction which releases the needed electricity is commonly referred to as an ‘energize’ effect. Car Battery Service Plantation Florida


When the alternator is not functioning properly, the battery will not be able to achieve the expected performance. It may even drop the voltage. There are several reasons why the voltage level may drop. In order to understand why the voltage may drop, it is important to understand the working mechanics of the electrical system. Batteries in automobiles contain three main components: the electrolyte solution (or electrolyte), the lead plate, and the cell. The electrolyte within the battery solution may change due to a number of factors, including the temperature at the time of charging and while the battery is in use. Car Battery Service Plantation Florida


An alternative method to testing the battery’s electric current is referred to as a virtual battery tester. This method requires the use of a microchip that can monitor the battery’s electrical current while it is in use. The virtual tester is designed so that it continuously displays the voltage at the points where the voltage is lowest and highest. The virtual tester can be used in conjunction with a car battery’s computer in order to determine whether or not the battery’s remaining electrical current can be restored.


Most often, the only time a person will actually notice the amount of drop in battery power is when the car is being driven. In this instance, the battery’s remaining capacity is the only thing that will suffer. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that anyone can take to prevent drastic battery life loss. One of these steps is the use of an automobile’s computer as well as a virtual battery tester.


Cranking up the engine, regardless of the cause, can frequently result in excessive battery power loss. For instance, when the car is cranked up hard all the way, the engine spins faster. If the car battery’s electrical current continues to flow through the crankshaft, it will create a vacuum and an extreme amount of force will be applied to the lead plates. Although the alternator is still turning at normal speeds, the crankshaft will continue to crank. At the point where the check-engine light comes on, the alternator has either cut off completely or is fully deployed.


Unfortunately, because the alternator is not turned off, the battery may still run down to a very low level. When the battery goes to this low level, the car battery may need to be charged. This charging process can be completed in a variety of ways. Most car batteries have what is called memory capability; however, if the battery is drained of all its charge before the correct charge rate has been achieved, it could require the replacement of one or more of its cells.

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