Car Battery Service Cooper City Florida

How to Extend Car Battery Life?

Car Battery Service Cooper City Florida

What are a car battery and what is it used for? An auto battery or car battery is basically a rechargeable alkaline battery, which is utilized to activate an automotive electrical system to begin a vehicle’s engine. The main function of this battery is to supply an electrical charge to the automotive starting system, which in return begins the alkaline engine which in turn powers the vehicle itself. A car battery is actually very similar to a flash drive or a thumb drive. Car Battery Service Cooper City Florida


A Car Battery Service in Broward County Florida offers you a variety of ways to test your battery so you can ensure that it is functioning properly. If you have an AC battery or a DC battery, one method that can be used is by using a virtual battery tester which comes in the form of a DVD that has the capability to gauge the amount of current consumption. This device will allow you to read the voltage level of your battery from a surface which is placed directly on the battery. You will notice that the current reading will be in meters, which gives you the percentage of the total capacity of the battery. If you find that the percentage is lower than 20 percent, then you may want to consider replacing your battery. Car Battery Service Cooper City Florida


The other way to check if the battery is working is through the method of charging and discharging your battery cell. You have to make use of a negative plate and a positive plate so you can check the level of your battery cell. A positive plate is the negative side of the battery cell. On the other hand, a negative plate is the positive side of the battery cell. It works just the opposite from the positive plate as it charges the battery. Car Battery Service Cooper City Florida


You also have to test your car batteries through a sealed lead acid battery connector tester. In using this tester, one or more sealed lead plates are connected between a positive and negative cable. There is also a wire connected between the negative terminal and the positive terminals. As such, when you place your finger on the metallic connectors to connect the electrical current, you will feel a slight burning sensation. This is caused by the current flowing through the wires and it could eventually lead to a trip of the wire that would lead to a leakage of the fluid level inside the battery. Car Battery Service Cooper City Florida


Another major cause of a failing car battery is the charging system. If your car’s charger is not working properly, then the chances of your vehicle breaking down is high. You can determine if your charger is working properly through the indicators available on your car battery. One indicator is the capacity indicator which will show you the percentage of charge left. If the capacity indicator is showing 100 percent, then it means that your charging system is working perfectly. Car Battery Service Cooper City Florida


The other indicator that will help you diagnose a fault in your vehicle’s charger is the thermal relay. This part contains two copper conductors which are positively charged and the plate is charged with a lead acid battery. If either of the copper conductors gets a higher temperature above the rest, then this means that your vehicle’s heater has failed. If the thermal relay is faulty, then you will notice that when the car runs, the engine does not turn off immediately but runs for a longer time.


Apart from charging and discharging, you can also use a dry-cell battery in some electric vehicles to extend the overall electrical energy storage. It is important to know that you do not need to use a regular electrical energy to power the car. You can use the electrical energy to store extra electrical energy produced by the car’s own power plant. If you choose to do this, then you need to make sure that you purchase a dry cell battery, which is capable of producing more than eighteen volts of electricity. It is advisable to opt for a car battery which has an average capacity of around six hundred volts.


An automobile uses a chemical reaction to produce electricity. The chemical reaction involved here is the one which is commonly known as the electrolysis process. If you have a car battery which does not function properly or is unable to store sufficient electrical energy for the whole duration of your car battery power, then the chances are that it might be suffering from a few small cracks. You must look out for small cracks which might just be filled with dust. You should clean these small cracks with a piece of cotton cloth so that the chemical reaction between the dust and the metallic components in the vehicle does not create any big damage.

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