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The Importance of Checking Your Car Battery Voltage

An auto battery or car battery really is a rechargeable electrical battery, which is utilized to begin a vehicle’s motor. Its original function is to supply an electrical charge to the internal combustion engine, which then begins the chemical-powered engine that actually powers the vehicle on which it is running. Typically, this is a high capacity battery that delivers a great deal of power with a good life span, making it an essential part of almost every vehicle system on the road today. Car Battery Pompano Beach Florida



Unfortunately, there are a great many car batteries which, while still providing a charge to the engine, will fail to do so once the vehicle has stopped running, resulting in the loss of power and the eventual failure of the electrical system of the automobile. This battery issue is commonly referred to as a “junk battery.” In the event that a dead battery may be a problem for you, it is important to know that there are a number of different ways to repair a dead battery. Your local auto repair service center can typically help you diagnose your particular problem and most will have the necessary tools to perform the necessary actions to correct the problem. Car Battery Pompano Beach Florida


One way to restore the battery power is through the process of electrolysis. Electrolysis uses a chemical reaction to remove excess chemical and water from a battery and to extract the needed ions (positive and negative) from the electrolyte. Once extracted, the electrolyte is reconditioned and re-inflated back into the battery. In effect, the chemical reaction that was responsible for generating the electrical power of the battery is again applied to generate the same electrical power once more. Because of this re-synthesis, the battery is able to maintain its charge for a much longer period of time than would be possible if the battery had been simply drained of its electrolytes. Car Battery Pompano Beach Florida

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Another way to restore or charge a dead car battery is through what is called a virtual battery tester. A virtual battery tester works exactly like an authentic electric current tester, except that it never actually loads a battery to find out if it has actually discharged to a level which will allow the engine to run. By using a virtual battery tester, you can determine what specific voltage will be needed to operate your automobile. Then, with the appropriate batteries already installed, you can simply replace the existing battery with a new one and your vehicle should function as normal once more. Car Battery Pompano Beach Florida


There are also a number of auto-parts stores that carry a large selection of genuine auto parts that are compatible with almost any type of battery service system. If your battery system has become seriously damaged or if it no longer powers your automobile, your auto service center should be able to install suitable replacement parts at an affordable cost. In addition to auto parts, many auto repair shops carry a wide assortment of other accessories to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. These auto accessories include jumpers and clutches, which can significantly improve the performance of your vehicle and make driving more comfortable. Not only will these additional accessories make driving safer, but they can also improve the appearance of your vehicle, as well. Car Battery Pompano Beach Florida


If you own school vehicles, you may need to purchase some special school safety items, such as auto jumpers. These are not cheap accessories, but you may need them to help protect students who ride inside your school vehicles each day. These school-safety items are very popular among parents, and most auto repair centers carry a good selection of school safety items. Before you run out and purchase the first one that you find, be sure to do some research and find out exactly what is required by law in your state in order to keep your child safe from harm. Car Battery Pompano Beach Florida


If your battery power has failed, the engine light will illuminate on your vehicle’s dashboard. At this time, you will also experience symptoms such as cranking or straining of the gas and brake pedals. You should check your battery, because it is one of the most important components of your vehicle. Over time, if you do not change the battery fluid, it will slowly lose its power and you may experience a check engine light. The check engine light can also illuminate if the battery power has suddenly dropped while driving.


When shopping for batteries, you should ensure that you purchase a product that can withstand extreme temperatures. Low-priced batteries may seem great, but it is often not worth saving money for a product that does not hold up under extreme conditions. Most automotive aftermarket parts stores carry a wide variety of high quality batteries that can easily maintain a constant voltage even when the battery power is low. In addition, there are numerous brands available, so you should be able to find one that has a good track record of providing consumers with outstanding results.

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