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A car battery or auto battery is a rechargeable battery which is used to begin a car’s electrical system. Its primary function is to supply a charge to the electrical starting motor, which in effect starts the mechanically-driven internal combustion engine which in turn drives the car. The engine supplies the power and energy needed to propel the car forward. The battery supplies the energy needed to prevent the battery from being drained of its stored energy when the engine isn’t running. Automobile batteries are made up of a series of chemical compounds including a couple of electrolytes (such as sodium and potassium), graphite, and several other substances that help make it more efficient and allow it to store more energy. Batteries have an effective lifespan of about 1500 thousand charging cycles; however, the lifespan is affected by a number of factors, such as the amount of use the battery gets, frequency of use, location, climate, and many others. Car Battery Hollywood Florida


Many things can affect the lifespan of a car battery, for instance: use, frequency of use, location, climate, and many others. A car battery power cycle begins with a chemical reaction that converts the stored chemical energy in the battery into an external electric charge. This charge is then used to power electrical components within the vehicle. This chemical reaction releases energy, referred to as a charge, into the wiring of the battery, which is then routed to an alternator or other electrical components. A trickle charger is often used at this point, as well as a DC/DC converter or a Multiport. If any damage occurs to a battery, the process outlined above must be repeated in order to reverse the damage and restore the battery to optimal function. Car Battery Hollywood Florida


Overcharging a battery may shorten its overall life span and cause permanent damage to some of its chemical reactions. The overall performance of the battery may also become hampered. Overcharging will increase the risk of rust build-up and reduce the battery’s ability to store energy. A battery may also fail completely if left unused for a long period of time, regardless of whether it undergoes electrical therapy. It is important to regularly examine a battery to ensure that it is receiving sufficient amounts of electrical energy. If a battery fails to do so, it will eventually fail and need to be replaced. Car Battery Hollywood Florida


A car battery may fail due to a low or excessive amount of voltage, known as being undercharged. This can be detected using a virtual battery tester, as it will show a constant voltage reading that ranges between zero percent and full charge. In order to ensure the safety of your battery, a full charge should never exceed about seventy-five percent, or else it may overheat and explode in your vehicle!


Another symptom to look out for is the appearance of a “cranking” or “startup” problem. If you start your car and it doesn’t start, it could be a sign of a failing battery, alternatively, something more serious like a fuse has blown or the starter motor has died. This symptom will indicate that your battery power system needs to be investigated. To avoid an explosion when driving, make sure to check your battery’s operational level frequently – at least once a month. Car Battery Hollywood Florida


Some vehicles have a built-in auto starter. Unfortunately, the starter motor will burn out eventually, resulting in the loss of all electrical energy. As a result, the alternator will need to be replaced. Again, this process can be achieved by switching off the engine and doing a series of quick checks. However, if there are any safety issues with your vehicle’s electrical system, it is advisable to call a service technician to replace the alternator for you. Car Battery Hollywood Florida


If your vehicle has a battery-based alternator, it will not need to be replaced unless it is disconnected from the starting mechanism. Otherwise, the alternator should be maintained regularly so that it can continue cranking electrical energy for as long as possible. In fact, an alternator failure could result in the loss of your car’s starter, so ensure that your alternator is switched off when parking your vehicle. Also, make sure that the battery’s charging system remains turned on. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your car’s power to start, even if the battery cables are connected.


As for the 12-volt battery, its primary function is to provide temporary power when you need it, and then discharge the charge to avoid overcharging. It is used so often that it’s electrolyte levels are very depleted and it cannot continue to deliver power when cranking power is required. A dry cell battery will overheat quickly and cannot withstand very high temperatures. Although many people prefer to use a dry-cell battery, other models have superior cranking power and life; they also last longer.

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