Car Battery Davie Florida

Which Type of Car Battery is Best?

An auto battery or vehicle battery is an electrical rechargeable battery, which is used to begin a vehicle’s engine. Its original function is to supply an electrical charge to the vehicle’s starting motor, which then begins the gasoline powered internal combustion engine which actually powers the vehicle. The alternator supplies an alternating current to the batteries battery. Over time, the battery pack may begin to decline its ability to supply adequate power to the vehicle’s engine and will need to be replaced. Many times, these batteries can be successfully recharged by means of a trickle charger or car recharging kit. Car Battery Davie Florida

Car Battery Davie Florida
Car Battery Davie Florida


Some older vehicles have a series of lead acid flooded batteries in the engine instead of a fully charged battery. A car battery may suffer from some type of chemical breakdown at some point in its operational life cycle. Such a battery may need to be replaced or recharged by means of an electrical system. Most automobile batteries are designed to self-discharge once the recommended amount of time has been consumed for its full capacity.

Car Battery Davie Florida

A car battery may need to be replaced due to a number of reasons. One reason is a discharged battery may actually have too much potential energy in it to properly function. If a chemical breakdown is occurring inside the cell, such as sulfate crystals or a strong acid, this can over-charge the battery, causing it to discharge more energy than it is capable of providing. A weak battery may also develop a leakage inside its battery case. If this weak battery does not get repaired in time it can actually explode. Other reasons that car batteries may need to be replaced are due to overcharging, over discharge or discharging, overcharging or shorting out the electrical system, and many other reasons.


When a car battery begins to show signs of being damaged it should be examined by a qualified and licensed mechanic. An experienced technician can check to see if the alternator or engine is responsible for the voltage drop. It is important to first of all have the battery and alternator checked to make sure that there is no obvious damage. The battery and the electrical system may need to be disconnected to check the voltage. In some cases the voltage will drop suddenly without any obvious reason.

Car Battery Davie Florida

The chemistry of a car battery provides the necessary energy that a vehicle needs to operate. This chemical energy is supplied to the electrical components of the vehicle through electrodes that are bonded to the plates inside the cell. In order for these chemical reactions to take place, electrons from an atom must be pushed to a positive direction. These electrons come from the chemical energy that is present in the chemical bonds of the plates inside the cell. If the electrons are pulled too far away from the chemical energy, the atoms of the lead metal can actually split, creating a huge problem.


Cranking amps, which are a measure of electrical power transmitted to an appliance, refers to the maximum amount of energy that can be produced by the device. A dry cell battery has no chemical makeup so it can have almost infinite cranking amps. A wet cell battery has a liquid electrolyte and the electrons in the electrolyte will move between the positive and negative terminals of the battery. The amount of voltage that can be generated is directly related to the amount of electrolyte in the cell. If you crank up the cranking amps, the electrical components will draw more energy from the battery.


The vrla battery is one of the best batteries for both cranking amps and discharge rates. The vrla battery works by allowing the electrical energy to slip through a very thin layer of glass mat. The electrical energy then comes into contact with copper wire that has been embedded in the glass mat. This transfer of energy produces direct current that can be used to power a vehicle’s electrical components. Most vehicles that run off of a battery system will benefit from the use of a vrla battery.


As you can see, there are many advantages of using an AGM battery type. However, there are also some disadvantages associated with this type of battery. It should be noted that the amount of charge that you can get from one of these batteries is limited. For example, an alkaline battery type can last as long as fifteen thousand cycles. A conventional battery can only last anywhere from seven thousand to ten thousand cycles.

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