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3 Ways to Gauge Your Car Battery’s Condition

An auto battery or car battery, as it is more commonly referred to, is a rechargeable alkaline battery which is used primarily to begin a car’s motor. The purpose of an auto battery is to give the electrical current to the engine, which in turn begins the gasoline-powered engine. When properly maintained, batteries can last up to 20 years. Car owners can choose from many different types of car batteries to power their vehicles. Some of the most common include nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), nickel cadmium (NiCd), lithium ion (li-ion), lithium-polymer (Li-po), and lithium-polymer (Li-p.s.) Car Battery Coconut Creek Florida

Car Battery North Lauderdale Florida
Car Battery North Lauderdale Florida


A car battery is made up of numerous components including copper oxide (or NiCad), zinc, tin, carbon and other elements. When purchasing a car battery, it is important to understand how each component functions and is connected to one another. Understanding the chemistry of these chemicals will enable the proper recharging of your batteries. Many car batteries have developed the power to operate independently from the vehicle’s electrical system. With the development of new advanced technology, car batteries are now able to work as fully as an automobile’s engine and still supply sufficient electrical energy. Car Battery Coconut Creek Florida


If you want to extend the life of your battery, it is recommended that you perform routine maintenance and recharge the battery before each use. You should not attempt to overcharge or undercharge the battery, because this may lead to damage to the cells or a complete failure of the electrical system. If your battery fails to operate when plugged in, then you may need to have an alternator replaced. If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, then it is important that you install a transfer case. If your vehicle does not have an automatic transmission, then you will need to install an engine transfer case. Car Battery Coconut Creek Florida


One indicator of the battery power level is the “check engine light” flashing on the dashboard or when you start your vehicle. This light is actually meant for use only when the engine is cranking. The “check engine light” is turned on for a couple of reasons. It starts the engine to test the battery power and it flashes when the engine needs to be cranked. Car Battery Coconut Creek Florida


There are several causes for a dead battery. First, in order for the electrical system to function properly, all batteries need to be charged. The reason for this is to maintain the flow of current through the electrical system. If any batteries are improperly charged, then they will slowly discharge and cause the “check engine light” to come on. Car Battery Coconut Creek Florida


Another cause for a low battery may be from weak battery wires. When there are weak wires, there is less current available. Because of this, the battery may need to be recharged as soon as possible. The best way to recharge a weak battery is by using a trickle charger. Car batteries should always have their terminals pre-ground and connected correctly before being used for anything else. Car Battery Coconut Creek Florida


A virtual battery tester is another way to gauge the overall state of your car battery. This device looks similar to a computer monitor and is designed to help you monitor the condition of your car battery. All you do is put the car in “safe mode” and it will automatically perform tests and reports on the battery power status. You can use the reports to know if there are any power issues with your battery or if there are any leaks. It is also useful to know how much charge you have left so that you can make sure you get enough batter to complete a trip.


Finally, a virtual battery tester is the best way to get the right battery for your car. By taking the time to choose the right price, brand, model, and quality, you can be sure you are getting the right battery for your needs. By avoiding common pitfalls and getting the most out of your battery purchase, you can ensure you get the most value from your purchase.

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